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High VG E Liquids

When it comes to intense flavour and awe-inspiring vapour you need our high VG e liquids, or high VG e juice to guarantee a sub ohm vape that’s out of this world. Known as cloud chasing juice (or sub ohm juice) for a very good reason you can be sure that these premium e liquids will offer you the type of vape you crave and deserve! From Nasty Juice to Dinner Lady, Vampire Vape, Ruthless Vapor, The Milkman and more to choose from you can be sure that we have the very best high VG e liquids you could wish for. Not sure what High VG means and what the benefits of High VG are to you?

Some of the high VG e liquids sport an impressive 80% VG (vegetable glycerine) to 20% PG (propylene glycol) ratio mixture or higher. High VG based e juices offer larger vape clouds because of this higher VG content and as an added bonus your vape tends to be somewhat warmer as there is more power and therefore more heat in the coil. It’s quite interesting really! Have a read of our PG versus VG article to help you understand the differences between PG and VG better and to help you make an informed choice about which vape liquid suits you best. Let the clouds chasing begin!

Please note that some e juices are provided in "Short Fill" bottles meaning that they contain no nicotine in them, but have room inside the bottle itself to add a shot of nicotine booster (sold separately) to get to your desired 3mg nicotine strength e liquid. Simply add booster and shake bottle vigorously.

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