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Geek Bar

The Geek Bar brand was made by Geek Vape in 2015 and was designed for ease of use in mind. Geek Vape spotted a gap in the market for a e cigarette device that not only looks stylish but allows users to “vape smarter” without the hassle of filling, charging and replacing coils. The Geek Bar was the first major disposable vape product to take the world by storm with its popularity. With its sleek design, easy to use design (no buttons, just inhale activated) and pocket friendliness, the Geek Bar phenomenon was born, selling millions of devices monthly to users looking for a premium disposable e cig. Geek Bars range of products is expanding and now includes the following vape devices, Geek Bar (Original) , Geek Bar Lite and also the new Geek Bar Meloso.

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Geek Bar FAQ's

  • What Is A Geek Bar?

    Geek Bar was created by Geek Vape, a leading e-cigarette manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. Known for their innovative, high-quality products, they’ve amassed a global following of vaping enthusiasts. The Geek Bar is a single-use disposable vape pen, designed to be convenient and pocket-friendly. As one of the first disposable vapes to hit the market, the Geek Bar became the blueprint for many brands that followed.

    Known for their smooth, satisfying throat hit and intense flavour production, Geek Bars aim to replicate the feel of smoking without the harmful chemicals that go with it. Vapers can choose from a wide range of delicious Geek Bar flavours, with blends to suit all tastebuds.

  • Who Can Use Geek Bar Device?

    Geek Bars are recommended for those looking to make the transition from traditional cigarettes to vaping. Anyone over the age of 18 can purchase a Geek Bar; however, we do not recommend them to non-smokers as nicotine is an addictive substance. As Geek Bar disposable vapes come precharged and prefilled, they’re ideal for vapers looking for a convenient alternative to cigarettes. Ideal for use on the go or on a night out, they’re sleek, discreet and much safer than smoking.

  • Are Geek Bars Legal?

    Are Geek Bars Legal?

    Geek Bars are legal to buy in the UK and comply with all guidelines set out by the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) in 2016. The rules for the sale of disposable vapes in the UK and across the EU are as follows:

    • The device must hold no more than 2ml of e-liquid
    • The maximum nicotine strength of the liquid in the vape device must not exceed 20mg/ml (2.0%)
    • Devices intended for the EU market must be submitted to MHRA before being sold
    • All devices should contain relevant and correct warning information

      Due to the size of the Geek Bar brand, there are models sold in the US that exceed the limits set out by the TPD. It is important to purchase Geek Bar disposables only from legitimate sources, such as Go Smoke Free; this ensures avoidance of any counterfeit or fake Geek Bars that are currently flooding the market.
  • Sample QuesCan You Buy A Geek Bar At 16?

    No. Vape products such as Geek Bars can only be purchased by those 18 and over in the UK. It is illegal to purchase a disposable vape such as a Geek Bar for anyone under the age of 18; those caught doing so are at risk of prosecution by local authorities for facilitating supply to minors. At present, the vaping industry in the UK is under intense scrutiny by authorities to ensure that vapes do not fall into the hands of minors. With a ban due to come into place in 2025, retailers face fines of up to £2500 for not abiding by the rules.

  • Are Geek Bars Safe To Use?

    Geek Bar disposable vapes are manufactured by one of the leading e-cigarette producers in the world. As well as being a trusted and reputable brand, they also ensure that all Geek Bars sold in the UK are fully TPD compliant. Legitimate Geek Bars are safe and legal to use in the UK; however, it is important to ensure you are only purchasing authentic devices.

    Understanding how a Geek Bar is made and what it contains is essential when assessing the safety of a device. Each Geek Bar comprises an internal lithium-ion battery, a 2ml liquid chamber that holds the e-liquid, a coil element to heat the liquid, and a mouthpiece to draw on the device.

    The vape juice used in Geek Bar vapes is a nic-salt blend made from Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerine and a naturally forming nicotine found in leaf tobacco. Due to the simplicity of the device, there is a reduced risk of any issues occurring while vaping. Users simply need to remove the Geek Bar from the box and draw on the mouthpiece to enjoy.

  • Can I Check The Authenticity Of A Geek Bar Product?

    As one of the most popular disposable vapes on the market, it is no surprise that counterfeit Geek Bars are a huge safety issue for vapers. Luckily, you can quickly check if your Geek Bar is authentic by visiting the Geek Bar Verification Tool ( . Each Geek Bar packet has a security code that can be accessed by scratching the authenticity panel. If the packaging has no authenticity code, it is likely to be counterfeit and should not be used. Authentic Geek Bars also have a holographic security seal, an expiration date bar code, and a serial number that verifies the authenticity of the individual vape.

    At Go Smoke Free, all of the Geek Bar products we stock are fully TPD compliant and sourced from legitimate suppliers.

  • Do Geek Bars Have Nicotine In Them?ple Question

    Yes. Geek Bars contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance, so we do not recommend non-smokers use them. Geek Bar disposable vapes are available to buy in a range of nicotine strengths, including 0mg, 10mg and 20mg. The most common is the 20mg nic-salt variety, which combines high-strength nicotine with smooth, fast absorption compared to freebase nicotine.

  • How Many Cigarettes Equivalent Are In A 2ml Geek Bar?

    A Geek Bar containing 2ml of 20mg e-liquid is the equivalent of around 20 regular cigarettes. Individual vaping habits will determine the actual longevity of the vape, with lighter smokers finding that their Geek Bar lasts a lot longer than heavier smokers.

  • How Many Flavours Do Geek Bars Come In?

    There are currently 27 Geek Bar flavours available to buy, ranging from classic tobacco and menthol blends to innovative fruit and dessert-inspired concoctions.

  • How Long Does A Geek Bar Last?

    Each Geek Bar comes with a precharged battery that will last the duration of the 2ml prefilled e-liquid tank inside the device. How long a Geek Bar lasts depends on individual vaping styles; if a longer draw style is employed, the lifespan of the vape will decrease as more liquid is used each time. Standard Geek Bar vapes should produce around 600 puffs, while the Geek Bar Lite will produce around 400 puffs as they contain less e-liquid.

  • How Do I Know When A Geek Bar Is Empty?

    When a Geek Bar is empty, the LED light at the base of the device will start to flash when you try to use it. Geek Bars are known for their consistent flavour delivery, and the battery itself will last the duration of the e-liquid tank, ensuring no depletion of taste or vapour. Once the device is empty, it can be disposed of responsibly before moving on to a new one.

  • Why Does My Geek Bar Taste Burnt?

    While it is rare that a Geek Bar will produce a burnt taste, it can happen if the cotton wicking around the coil becomes dry. If it is dry, the heat from the coil will burn the cotton and produce the unpleasant burnt taste that seasoned vapers know all too well! Geek Bar disposable vapes are prefilled with 2ml of e-liquid that should last the duration of the battery life; if you do encounter a burnt taste, here are some methods you can try to revive your vape.

    • Let the device rest for a few minutes to see if the wick can re-saturate with e-liquid. Sometimes, vaping in quick succession does not allow the system to re-soak, leading to dry hits.
    • Hold the Geek Bar upside down for a few moments to encourage the last of the e-liquid to saturate the cotton wick. If this does not work, the device is empty and should be disposed of.

  • How Do You Use A Geek Bar?

    Geek Bars use draw-activation technology, which means that you inhale on the mouthpiece to start vaping. This system is designed to replicate the feel of traditional cigarettes, with no buttons to press or complicated set-up instructions to follow.

  • What Are The Different Kinds Of Geek Bar?

    Alongside the original Geek Bar, which delivers up to 600 puffs, the Geek Vape range also includes the Geek Bar Lite disposable vape. This lighter device delivers around 400 puffs and contains less e-liquid than its original counterpart. As well as the different types of Geek Bars, the collection has around 27 different flavours to choose from.

  • Where Can I Find Multi-Buys On Geek Bar Disposables?

    At Go Smoke Free, we stock an extensive range of Geek Bar vapes in various flavours. If you want to sample a selection of Geek Vape flavours, we recommend taking advantage of our multi-buy deals, including 5 for £18 and 10 for £32. These deals often work out to be more cost-effective than buying just one device at a time and ensuring you’re never caught short without your favourite Geek Bar.

  • What Is The Best Geek Bar Flavour?

    With 27 flavours to choose from, it’s impossible to determine which Geek Bar flavour is best. Traditionalists may prefer to stick to the earthy tones of the classic Tobacco Geek Bar, while fruit lovers will appreciate the exciting blends available, such as Blue Razz, Banana Ice and Watermelon Ice. With so many combinations to choose from, we recommend taking advantage of multi-buy or bulk-buy deals to sample a wide range of flavours.

  • What Flavours Of Geek Bar Are There?

    The current Geek Bar range includes everything from classic tobacco and menthol blends to exciting fruit and dessert-inspired combinations.

    Tobacco: Classic earthy and woody
    Menthol: Consistently minty throughout
    Banana Ice: Smooth and creamy with ice finish
    Blueberry Ice: Sweet and tarty, boasting a smooth icy exhale
    Lychee Ice: Super sweet with ice at the end
    Mango Ice: Sweet and tropical with ice finish
    Peach Ice: Sweet and mellow, with ice finish
    Sour Apple: Tangy with a sour aftertaste, subtle ice edge
    Sweet Strawberry: Juicy and sweet, with subtle ice edge
    Watermelon Ice: Fresh and sweet, with ice finish
    Blackcurrant Menthol: Devilishly sweet with a minty exhale
    Blueberry Bubblegum: A sweet candy favourite with a mild fruit taste
    Blueberry Sour Raspberry: Tangy fruity flavour with a mixture of berries
    Geekberg: Get your geek on with icy mixed berries
    Grape: Bold and packing a punch, a blend of grapes
    Green Mango: Tropical flavour bursting with personality
    Lemon Tart: Moreish and sweet like the classic dessert
    Passion Fruit: Exotic flavours with each vape from this tangy fruit
    Pink Lemonade: A beverage classic, smooth and ready to vape
    Strawberry Ice Cream: A sweet, delicate e-liquid with rich dessert flavours

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