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Common Questions and Their Answers

1. It Won't Switch On?
2. Why Won't My Battery Charge?
3. Why is My Battery Getting So Hot?
4. Why isn't My battery Lighting Up?
5. Why is My E Cig Leaking?
6. I Can't Get Any Vapour Out of My E Cig?

There is nothing more annoying than sitting back with your e cig, ready to enjoy a good old e smoke and the darn thing doesn't work, or doesn't work as well as you'd like. Obviously in the unlikely event that anything you've purchased from us is faulty we'll sort this out (see our returns policy here) however often a quick fix is all that is needed.

Work your way through this list to find a way to tackle your problem first (the sooner the issue is dealt with the sooner you may enjoy your vape) and check any instruction guides included with your order, however if needed our customer service team are on hand and ready to help you with any questions you might have.

1. It Won't Switch On
First of all ensure that your battery is connected, that it is fully charged and if both of these have been checked it might be that your particular e cigarette needed to be switched on / activated by clicking the battery five times. Believe it or not this works the majority of the time for some models as the 5 click safety feature may be on and you have not switched it off. Toggle between the lock/unlocked mode by simply clicking button 5 times.

2. Why Won't My Battery Charge
If your battery won't charge the chances are that it needs to be properly connected. The contacts between the battery and the changer might need to be cleaned (use cotton bud) before it will charge. Keep an eye on how clean these contacts / threads are to ensure that the battery continues to charge and charges well.
Batteries are classed as disposable items and as such will need to be replaced periodically.

3. Why is My Battery Getting So Hot?
If your battery is getting too hot there is something wrong as this shouldn't occur. Ensure that when you are charging, whether you are at home or in a vehicle, that you keep the battery out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat.

Usually the main cause of overheating or damage to your battery is charging your battery with the inappropriate charger such as a iPhone or other phone charger. Although the USB connection of your battery charger will fit your iPhone wall charger, the voltage provided by the wall charger is certainly not suitable for use charging a e cigarette battery. Charging devices with wrong equipment can lead to fires or even explosions, so only charge your electronic cigarette device I the equipment provided by your ourselves. We can only accept responsibility for chargers that have been purchased from us, and no other e cigarette vendor.

While these batteries, which are the same sort of battery that is used in a mobile phone, have a built-in function which doesn't allow for overcharging this might not work if the battery is damaged in some way. It is important that you properly discard of any damaged battery.

4. Why Isn't My Battery Lighting Up?
If the battery is not lighting up even after its been charged, please ensure the 5 click safety system is not on. If problem persists, please contact us.

5. Why Is My E Cig Leaking?
A common reason for e cigarettes leaking is that the user has been drawing on the e cig too hard or even too fast, pulling excess e liquid into the atomizer. This high volume of e liquid can't then be turned to vapour quickly enough which in turn causes leakage. To avoid this enjoy a steady and easy draw of around four seconds long.

If you find that e liquid is leaking into your mouth (not particularly pleasant) it could be because it has been overfilled or due you’re your atomizer/coil head in your clearomizer not screwed in tight enough. Also if the seal of your atomizer/coil is faulty/damaged or missing, when you draw on your device, the fluid will come directly us the centre console into your mouth. Take your time when refilling your e cigarette, checking the manufacturer instructions and before refilling blow through the mouthpiece to clear any condensation build up. If problem persists, please use a replacement coil/atomizer head.

6. I Can't Get Any Vapour Out of My E Cig
First check that the battery is in place, that it is charged up and the contacts/connections are clean. Also check your e liquid levels and refill if required.

If you have checked all of these then it could be that your atomizer has failed. Atomizers do need to be replaced from time to time as they are a disposable part. How long an atomizer lasts will vary dependant on how often and for how long you use your e cigarette as well as the type and make of the part.

Hopefully this troubleshooting guide has solved your problem, if not please don't hesitate to get in touch and our dedicated customer service agents will be happy to advise you further.

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