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Elux E Liquid FAQ's

  • What are Elux Legend Nic-Salts?

    Elux Legend e-liquids provide a smooth vaping experience thanks to the 50VG base and nicotine-salt blend. Just like the bestselling Elux disposable vapes, these premium liquids offer intense flavour, with immediate craving satisfaction in each puff. With a wide range of flavours available, including fruit, tobacco, dessert and candy-inspired blends, Elux e-liquids are perfect for vapers of all levels, with different nicotine strengths to suit your needs. Elux vape liquids are best used in MTL devices including vape starter kits and refillable pod kits. They’re also incredibly cost-efficient and an ideal option for vapers stepping away from disposable vapes.

  • Who makes Elux Legend Nic Salt Liquids?

    Elux Legend Nic Salt E liquids are made by Eluxtech (also known as Elux) who are a leading global manufacturer of disposable vapes products.  The same e liquids used in their range of disposable vapes products is used in their range of Elux Legend Nic Salts.

  • Do Elux e-liquids contain nicotine?

    Yes, Elux nic-salt e-liquids contain nicotine and are available in two different strengths. The 20mg (2%) strength (provides 133µg per puff) is ideal for those new to vaping who need a heavier vape to satisfy their cravings. The 10mg (1%) strength (provides 66µg per puff)is a lighter vape but still provides the same incredible flavour delivery; we recommend this strength to vapers looking to cut down their nicotine intake.


  • Do Elux Legend e liquids taste like Elux disposables?

    Elux Legend nic salt e-liquids are made by the same company that creates Elux disposable vapes, so the flavour blends will be familiar. Most of the e-liquid flavours available match the bestselling disposable vape flavours, making it easy to switch from disposables to refillable vaping options.

  • Can Elux nic salt e liquids be used in vape starter kits?

    Yes! The 50VG/50PG blend used in Elux nic salt liquids is ideal for lower-voltage vaping starter kits. The nic-salt formula is designed to satisfy cravings quickly, with a smooth throat hit and flavour production in each puff. Elux liquids can also be used in pod vape kits.

  • Are Elux Legend e-liquids legal?

    Elux e-liquids are legal to buy in the UK and meet strict TPD compliance guidelines. All of the liquids are heavily tested to ensure they meet stringent quality standards, giving you peace of mind when you choose this reputable brand. We strongly advise only purchasing Eux e-liquids from legitimate retailers such as Go Smoke Free.

  • How many different Elux Legend Nic Salt E Liquid flavours are there?

    There are currently 28 different Elux Legend flavours available, each one designed to mimic the unmistakable taste of Elux disposable vapes. The flavour menu has everything from classic vape options to innovative fruit combos and sweet-shop-inspired blends, making it easy to find the right match for you. 


    Elux Legend E-liquids - Full Flavour List


    Apple Peach

    Banana Ice

    Berry Lemonade

    Blueberry Bubble Gum

    Blueberry Cherry Cranberry

    Blueberry Raspberry

    Blueberry Sour Raspberry

    Cherry Ice

    Cherry Lime


    Fizzy Cherry

    Fresh Menthol Mojito

    Grape Berry

    Gummy Bear

    Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

    Lemon & Lime

    Lemon Peach Passionfruit


    Mr Blue

    Pink Lemonade


    Strawberry Ice Cream

    Strawberry Kiwi

    Strawberry Raspberry Cherry

    Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

    Tiger Blood

    Triple Mango

    Watermelon Ice

  • Are Elux liquids better than Elux disposable vapes?

    Elux is a leading vaping brand known for its high-quality products and commitment to excellence, so it’s no surprise that the Elux Legend e-liquids live up to the hype. Regarding which vaping option is ‘best’, it depends on individual vaping habits. Some vapers prefer the convenience of an Elux disposable vape, while others lean towards the refillable, cost-effective and eco-friendly nature of an e-liquid.

  • How much do Elux e-liquids cost?

    Elux Legend Nic-Salts currently retail for around £3.79 a bottle, which is excellent value when considering that each bottle can last up to a week (depending on individual vaping styles). We recommend taking advantage of Elux multi-buy deals to ensure you get the best possible price for your e-liquids and never run out. At present, you can pick up 10 Elux Legend Nic-Salt liquids for just £19.99 at Go Smoke Free.

  • What size bottles do Elux Legend Nic Salt Liquids come in?

    Elux Legend Nic-Salt liquids come in TPD-compliant 10ml bottles.

  • How many puffs are in one 10ml bottle of Elux e-liquid?

    Each 10ml bottle is the equivalent of around 3000 puffs, which is 5 times the amount you get in a standard 600-puff disposable vape. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, eco-friendly vaping option, Elux liquids are a great choice.

  • How old do you have to be to buy Elux nic-salts?

    UK law dictates that vaping products can only be purchased by people over the age of 18; this includes e-liquids such as Elux nic-salts. Only purchase Elux e-liquids from reputable retailers who ask for proof of age.

  • How do you vape Elux nic-salts?

    Elux nic-salts are simple to use. Simply fill your vape tank or pod with the liquid of your choice! Always allow the Elux e-liquid to saturate the coil before vaping. This ensures that you get the full flavour and vapour potential and avoids a ‘dry hit’. Vape slowly and evenly, adjusting any wattage or airflow settings if needed. Top up your e-liquid before the vape runs completely empty to avoid burning the coil.

  • Are Elux nic-salts different to regular e-liquids?

    Regular e-liquids typically use freebase nicotine, which has a higher pH level and a stronger throat hit. Elux nicotine salts have a different nicotine composition, created by combining nicotine with an organic acid. The salts formulated have a lower pH level, a smoother throat hit, and faster nicotine absorption, elevating the overall vaping experience.

  • Can you sub-ohm vape Elux nic-salts?

    We would not recommend Elux nic-salts for sub-ohm vaping due to their high nicotine concentration. Sub-ohm devices have coils with a resistance lower than 1 ohm, which delivers bigger vapour clouds and higher nicotine intake. We advise vaping nic-salts in lower-powered devices that are optimised for nic-salt vaping.

  • How to store Elux nic-salts

    To get the most out of your Elux nic-salt e-liquids, we recommend storing them in a cool, dark environment away from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight. This will prolong the lifespan of the e-liquid and preserve the flavour.

  • How long does a bottle of Elux nic-salts last?

    How long a bottle of Elux e-liquid lasts depends on individual vaping habits, with one bottle lasting anywhere between a few days to a week. Heavier vapers will find that their bottle runs out quicker than moderate vapers.

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