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Elf Bar Elfliq E Liquid

Elfliq e liquids are the official e liquids released by disposable vape manufacturer Elf Bar. The Elfliq range of nic salt e liquids features 21 of the best selling flavours used Elf Bars disposable vapes range and are available in either 10mg and 20mg nic salt strengths. The nic salt e liquids are available in 10ml bottles and provide a smooth vaping experience with their 50% VG 50% PG composition. These Elf bar vape juices are sweet and packed with flavour and can be enjoyed with vape kits such as Uwell Caliburn G, Aspire Vilter or Aspire Flexus Stik. Popular flavours from the Elfliq range include Blueberry Sour Raspberry, Cream Tobacco and Blue Razz Lemonade.


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Elfliq E Liquids FAQ's

  • What Are Elfliq E Liquids?

    Created by leading vape brand Elf Bar, Elfliq e-liquids are a range of premium nic-salt liquids. Each 10ml bottle contains a 50VG:50PG blend with a choice of either 10mg/ml or 20mg/ml. Ideal for use in a wide range of vape starter kits, refillable pod kits and, of course, the Elf Bar refillable pod range, these quality e-liquids are ideal for both beginner and expert vapers. At present, the Elfliq collection contains all of the most popular flavours from the Elf bar disposable vape range, perfect for those looking to enjoy their favourite flavour in a refillable device.

  • Are ElfLiq E Liquids Legal?

    Yes, all Elfliq nic salt e liquids are fully TPD compliant and have been tested to the highest possible standards. When purchasing Elfliq liquids from a reputable retailer such as Go Smoke Free, you can rest assured that the vape liquid is 100% legal and meets all TPD criteria.

  • What is a nic-salt liquid?

    Nic-salt liquids are designed to closely mimic the sensation of smoking traditional cigarettes, with a smooth throat hit and fast nicotine absorption. This type of e-liquid formulation is best used in pod kits and vape devices with a high-resistance coil; it is also the liquid most commonly used in disposable vapes. Nic-salt liquids such as Elfliq are suitable for all kinds of vapers, especially those looking for a quick way to satisfy their cravings.

  • What strength ElfLiq Nic Salt E Liquids are available?

    Elfliq nic salt e-liquids are available in both 10mg and 20mg nicotine strengths, both containing a 50VG/50PG blend. The 20mg option is ideal for new vapers looking to quit smoking, as the higher strength will help satisfy nicotine cravings. Those moving towards becoming nicotine-free will appreciate the lower 10mg strength, which offers the same great taste with a lower nicotine content. Look out for 5mg and nicotine free options soon to be released.

  • What ElfLiq e-liquid flavours are available?

    At present, there are 27 different Elfliq e-liquid flavours available. Each one closely mimics the flavour profile of the bestselling Elf Bar disposable vapes, with everything from classic flavours to dessert and fruit-inspired blends available.

  • What are the best Elfliq flavours?

    Each Elf Bar Elfliq e liquid is designed to give an unbeatable smooth throat hit thanks to the nic-salt blend and intense flavour profile. The full flavour list includes;


    Apple Peach

    Blackcurrant Aniseed


    Blueberry Sour Raspberry

    Blue Razz Lemonade

    Cherry Cola



    Cream Tobacco (Snoow Tobacco)

    Elfbull Ice


    Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava


    Peach Ice

    Pina Colada

    Pineapple Mango Orange

    Pink Grapefruit

    Pink Lemonade

    Rhubarb Snoow

    Sour Apple


    Strawberry Ice

    Strawberry Ice Cream (Snoww)

    Strawberry Kiwi

    Strawberry Raspberry Cherry lce


  • Do Elfliq e-liquids taste like Elf Bars?

    Yes, Elfliq vape liquids are created by the same brand that makes Elf Bars, so they feature the same flavours as the disposable vape range. Elf Bar has worked closely to mimic the smooth throat hit and intense flavour of disposables, making Elfliq liquids a great choice for vapers looking to switch to a refillable or pod-based device.

  • What vape kits can I use Elfliq e-liquid in?

    Elfliq e liquids are designed to work with a wide range of vape kits, from starter vape pens to refillable pod kits. We recommend using this liquid with mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices to get the most out of the 50/50 PG/VG flavour blends. Pair with the Elf Bar Mate pod kit for an unbeatable Elf Bar experience.

  • Are Elfliq liquids better than Elf Bars?

    When comparing the two Elf Bar products, it really comes down to individual vaping preferences; however, there are some benefits to switching to the Elfliq e-liquid bottles rather than using disposable vapes;


    • Lower cost compared to disposable vapes
    • More convenient to use as you don’t need to replace the whole device when empty
    • Less environmental impact
  • How much are Elfliq e-liquids?

    Elfliq e liquids retail for around £3.79 for a 10ml bottle, and each one should last around a week (depending on individual vaping habits). We recommend taking advantage of multi-buy deals to get the best possible price for your e-liquids and to ensure you always have a new bottle ready to go. At Go Smoke Free, you can currently pick up 10 Elfliq e-liquids for just £19.99!

  • Can I buy Elfliq Liquids in bottles bigger than 10ml?

    No. Elf Bar Elfliq e liquids can only be purchased in 10ml bottles. This is to ensure that the liquid complies with TPD regulations (UK Law) in regard to the amount of nicotine allowed in a container/bottle. Those looking to purchase larger quantities of Elfliq e-liquids can take advantage of multi-buy offers to ensure there’s always a fresh bottle ready to enjoy.

  • How many puffs are in a bottle of Elfliq e-liquid?

    Each 10ml bottle of Elfliq vape liquid contains the equivalent of 3000 puffs, five times the number of puffs in a standard 600-puff disposable vape. This makes it an extremely cost-effective and eco-friendly option for vapers.

  • Sample Who can legally buy Elfliq e liquids?

    In accordance with UK law, vaping products, including Elf Bar Elfliq e-liquids, can only be purchased by people over the age of eighteen. Always purchase your e-liquids and other vaping products from reputable suppliers, such as Go Smoke Free, who ask for proof of age.

  • How do you vape Elfliq Eliquids?

    Vaping Elfliq nic-salt eliquids is straightforward; simply fill up your vape tank or pod with the liquid - taking care not to overfill. Allow the liquid to saturate the coil for at least 5 minutes to ensure it is ‘primed’ for vaping; this ensures you unlock the full flavour and vapour potential. Take care to vape slowly and evenly, adjusting your device settings if needed. Avoid letting the e-liquid run out completely to stop the coil from becoming damaged or burnt.

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