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Elf Bar

Elf Bar disposables vapes are one of the most well-known vaping brands around, responsible for some of the most instantly recognisable disposable and rechargeable vapes. Elf Bar sets the standard in vaping, with over 50 flavours to choose from, including classic tobacco and menthol, as well as more exciting sweetshop, dessert and fruit combinations. Elf Bar disposable vapes are incredibly easy to use and come pre-filled with 2ml of premium nic-salt e-liquid. There’s no waiting time to enjoy your vape; simply open the packet and inhale the smooth flavour. As well as the original Elf Bar 600 disposable vape range, we also offer a wider range of Elf Bar products, including their rechargeable Elfa Pod Kit and Elf Bar Mate 500, as well as the full selection of Elf Bar Elfliq e-liquids.

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Elf Bar FAQ's

  • What Is An Elf Bar?

    Elf Bar is one of the leading names in vaping. Established in 2018, they were designed to meet the demand for simple yet powerful disposable vapes. Popular with beginner and advanced vapers alike, Elf Bar disposable vapes are ideal for when you’re on the go and a great option to help stop smoking. Pre-filled with 2ml of premium nic-salt liquid, Elf Bar vapes deliver a smooth throat hit to satisfy nicotine cravings instantly. There’s no complicated set-up process; simply open the packet and inhale on the mouthpiece to vape. With over 50 flavours to choose from and a range of disposable and rechargeable devices, it’s no surprise that Elf Bar is one of the best-selling vape brands in the world.

  • What are the different Elf Bars?

    While the Elf Bar 600 is the most recognisable device from the Elf Bar brand, there are several other models to choose from. The Elf Bar 600 V2 is an upgraded version of the original vape, this time incorporating the innovative QUAQ coil technology. The fine mesh coil is used to create a more intense flavour experience.  It also extends the lifespan of the device by ensuring no e-liquid is wasted due to the larger mesh surface area. Both the V1 and V2 are single-use devices that are designed to be replaced once empty. Another popular Elf Bar model is the Elf Cigalike, an elegant ‘realistic cigarette’ design that replicates the look and feel of a traditional cigarette.

    Those who prefer Pod devices will enjoy the Elfa Pod Kit and the Elfa Bar Mate 500, both fully rechargeable devices that use prefilled Elf Pods that are inserted into the device. With a wide range of flavours to choose from, they’re a cost-effective option for those looking to sample Elf Bars' renowned e-liquid blends.

  • What Flavour Elf Bars Are Available?

    Elf Bar has one of the largest flavour collections around, with something to suit all vaping preferences. If you’re using Elf Bar disposables, they come pre-filled with liquid, so you don’t have to worry about refilling or buying new bottles. Look out for multi-buy deals and discounts as a great way to sample new flavours.

    This exciting brand offers a wide range of more adventurous combinations as well as the classic tobacco and menthol Elf Bar flavours. Bestselling flavours include Blue Razz Lemonade, Cherry Cola, Strawberry Ice Cream and Watermelon. Those looking for a blast of freshness will appreciate the ‘Ice’ range, perfectly mixing fruit flavours with a menthol chill. Other popular flavours include kiwi passion fruit guava, pineapple, peach mango, cotton candy ice, strawberry banana, banana ice, and many more.

  • Are Elf Bars Legal?

    Yes. Elf Bars are fully legal to buy in the UK if you are over 18. Unfortunately, counterfeit Elf Bars are becoming an issue, so it is highly recommended to only buy from reputable retailers such as Go Smoke Free. If an Elf Bar contains more than 2ml of e-liquid or 20mg/ml of nicotine, it will likely be counterfeit

  • Are Elf Bars Safe?

    Elf Bars are legal to purchase in the UK and have been designed to meet all TPD guidelines. We ensure that all the Elf Bars we sell are sourced directly from the manufacturer and adhere to the strict 2ml/20mg limits. Illegal Elf Bars are unregulated, unsafe and often sold at suspiciously cheap prices. Always examine the packaging of your Elf Bar for signs of authenticity and to ensure the ingredients are clearly listed.

  • Are Elf Bars Dangerous?

    The long-term effects of vaping are still unknown; however, it is safe to say that vaping is much safer than smoking traditional cigarettes. The NHS recommends vaping as an effective smoking cessation tool, and Elf Bar disposables are ideal for fighting cravings when you’re on the go. We do not recommend Elf Bar vapes for non-smokers, as nicotine is an addictive substance.

  • How Many Cigarettes In An Elf Bar?

    Each disposable Elf Bar contains 20mg of nicotine, which is the equivalent of 20 full-strength cigarettes. On average, based on 600 puffs per device , 30 puffs should equal the same as one cigarette.

  • How Long Does An Elf Bar Last?

    Elf Bars contain approximately 600 puffs; however, the longevity of your vape depends on your vaping habits such as frequency of vaping and draw lengths. Heavier users may find that their vape runs out much quicker than a light user who may get 2-3 days out of one Elf Bar disposable.

  • What Makes Elf Bar Different From Other Disposable Vapes?

    It’s safe to say that Elf Bars are one of the most popular disposable vapes available right now. As well as offering a vast range of flavours, the slim design gives an Elf Bar the look and feel of a traditional cigarette, ideal for those making the switch from smoking to vaping. While hundreds of different disposable vape varieties are available, Elf Bar remains a bestseller and the originator of models such as Lost Mary and Bloody Mary. The technology may be similar across the board, but we believe the solid reputation that Elf Bar has built up sets it apart from the rest.

  • How Can I Tell If My Elf Bar Is Fake Or Authentic?

    There is a real problem at the moment with fake vapes flooding the market, leading to vapers risking their health and safety on unregulated devices. When it comes to Elf Bar, the manufacturers have taken steps to ensure it’s easy to determine if an Elf Bar is genuine. This process works for all Elf Bar models, including the 600, NC600 and the AF5000.

    1.    Find the security sticker on the outer packaging
    2.    Scan the QR code on the sticker with your phone; this will take you to a page on the Elf Bar website to verify your device.
    3.    The following text will display if your device is real - “The security code you inquired about is correct.”  
    4.    The following text will display if your device is fake - “Sorry, the security code is invalid; please check your input and submit again.”
    5.    If you cannot scan the QR code, you can visit the Elf Bar website and manually enter the code on the sticker.

  • What Is The Nicotine Content Of An Elf Bar?

    Most Elf Bar disposable vapes contain 2ml of 20mg of nicotine; however, it is possible to find 10mg Elf Bars for those looking for a lower-strength vape. Also there are zero nicotine versions of the Elf Bar 600 available.

  • When Do I Need To Change My Elf Bar?

    An Elf Bar delivers approximately 600 puffs, the equivalent of 20 traditional cigarettes. You will notice signs that your device is about to run out, giving you plenty of time to swap or purchase a new one. First, the flavour intensity will start to deplete, with less vapour produced with each hit. Elf Bars also have an LED light that will flash when the device runs out of e-liquid. We recommend taking advantage of Elf Bar multi-buy deals to ensure you never get caught short while on the go.

  • Can You Get 1% / 10mg Elf Bars?

    Yes! One of the things that sets Elf Bar apart from the competition is the variety of nicotine strengths available. A 1% Elf Bar contains 10mg of nicotine. This is still the equivalent of 600 puffs; however, the lower nicotine strength is ideal for those wanting to reduce their intake.

  • What's The Best Elf Bar Flavour?

    One thing about Elf Bar is that you’re never short of new flavours to try! With so many flavours to choose from, it’s difficult to determine the ‘best’ flavour; however, there are definitely some bestselling blends that we recommend you try. Blue Razz Lemonade is a firm favourite for fans of sweet flavours, while the Ice range is the one for lovers of menthol and all things minty. Dessert-inspired Elf Bars, such as Strawberry Ice Cream, are great for those wanting a smooth throat hit without compromising on performance or nicotine strength. If you’re new to Elf Bar or new to vaping, we recommend starting either with a tobacco or menthol flavour that matches what you would usually smoke. Alternatively, opt for an Elf Bar multi-buy deal that allows you to sample a wide range of flavours and find the right one for you.

  • Are Elf Bars Mouth To Lung?

    Elf Bars are designed for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping. This style of vaping closely replicates the experience of traditional smoking and is ideal for those looking to quit. MTL vaping means that the vaper simply has to draw on the mouthpiece to inhale the vapour, similar to taking a hit of a cigarette. This style of vaping also produces a more restrained cloud output, perfect for those needing a discreet smoking alternative.

  • Why Are Elf Bars So Popular?

    There are many reasons why Elf Bars are one of the most popular disposable vapes on the market. These lightweight devices are designed to be discreet, fitting perfectly in pockets or handbags. While small, the Elf Bar is mighty! This compact vape contains a powerful battery that produces intense flavour, and a smooth throat hit on every draw. The Elf Bar needs no set-up or maintenance compared to bulky refillable devices. Vapers can simply take the device out of the box and start enjoying it immediately, no filling up with e-liquid or having to charge up before use. Elf Bars are also very affordable, especially if you take advantage of bulk or multi-buy Elf Bar deals. Despite the affordable price, Elf Bars do not compromise when it comes to quality or performance, ensuring the best possible vaping experience - wherever you are.

  • What Elf Bar Flavours Are There?

    Apple & Berry: Combines the flavour of luscious apples and juicy berries for a delightful summer vape.
    Blue Raspberry:  Nice and pleasant taste of freshly picked sweet raspberries.
    Blue Razz Lemonade: Zesty concoction of freshly picked raspberries and tart lemonade.
    Blueberry Ice: Sweet and relaxing taste of blueberries mixed with a chilling menthol ice flavour in every puff.
    Blueberry Sour Raspberry Blackcurrant:  Calls to mind the goodness of dark, sweet, juicily-ripened blackcurrants combined with just slightly sour raspberries to create a vape with a fantastic taste.
    Cola Rum: A delectable combination of the iconic fizzy cola flavour with the rich and earthy rum that produces a pleasant scent.
    Berry Blossom:  The perfect blend of blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries. A fantastic blend that is well balanced
    Cola with Fizzy:  Authentic cola flavour with fizzy overtones that taste refreshingly on point.
    Orange Mint:  A very refreshing combination of orange flavour and mint.
    Rose Aniseed:  A strange but delicious flavour that is a complex blend of fruits with notes of anise and rose water, complete with an ice blast.
    Mango Guava:  A tropical blend of sweet mangos and guava for a tropical flavour in disposable vape.
    Mango Peach Watermelon: With each puff of this e-liquid, you will experience the essence of summer. This flavour combines three exotic fruits, producing an irresistible sweetness.
    Mojito: This  flavour imitates the flavour found in the popular classic drink. Each puff has a citrus combination.
    Orange Cranberry: Sweet and pleasant blend that's a perfect blend of fruity and citrusy tones.
    Pink Lemonade: This Elf Bar vape has a sweet and sour taste, created by blending grapefruit and lemons to provide a zesty foundation.
    Rainbow Candy: A fantastic flavour ideal for individuals who have a weakness for sweet things since it tastes like candy. Each puff will surely evoke childhood memories.
    Rose Grape:  A unique flavour combining a rose taste with plump, juicy grapes.
    Rose Lemonade: Floral tones blended with the tart and acidic flavour of citrus lemons to create an unforgettable vaping experience.
    Strawberry Ice Cream: Combines the sweet flavour of ripe and luscious strawberries with a creamy base with the cold ice finish.
    Watermelon Bubble Gum:  Combines the goodness of luscious watermelon with sweet bubble gum to provide a well-balanced vaping experience.
    Watermelon Chill: Watermelon flavour comes with a cold aftertaste that feels so refreshing.

  • What Is The Elf Bar AF5000?

    The AF5000 is the latest Elf Bar release that offers a satisfying 5000 puffs per device. Fully TPD compliant, the Elf Bar AF5000 provides long-lasting flavour in a sleek mouth-to-lung pod vaping device. The AF5000 is incredibly easy to use and features QUAQ mesh coil technology to ensure optimum flavour production and no e-liquid waste. Each AF5000 incorporates a 2ml e-liquid pod and a 10ml refill container. Once the 2ml pod is empty, it is refilled automatically from the container by tilting the device upside down for ten seconds. As well as offering a longer vaping experience, the Elf Bar AF5000 works out as a much more cost-effective option than standard 600 puff vapes. It can also be recharged using a type-C charging cable, extending the lifespan of the vape and ensuring less plastic ends up in landfills. The AF5000 is inhale-activated and comes in fifteen delicious 20mg nic-salt Elf Bar flavours.

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