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There are many reasons to purchase one of our vaping kits (or starter kits as they are also known) with e liquids (or e juice) included. Vaping is by far the cleaner, healthier (and we believe most enjoyable) alternative to smoking available. It’s so good that even NHS trusts, health charities and government groups actively point people towards vaping. If you’ve never vaped before or are looking for an all in one simple system these vaping kits with e liquids offer everything you could possibly need to get started all in one pack. If you’re looking for plug and play, open and just start or a smooth, easy introduction into vaping this could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Affordable and beginner friendly, most of these vaping kits contain everything you need to get started, from your e cigarette, battery (not supplied in most cases, but can be purchased at the time of buying), charger and e liquids, alongside instructions on how to use your e cig. These stater kits aren’t simply for those starting out though. Many vapers who have been enjoying their flavoursome hobby a while still prefer to buy a new vape kit each time their old one is past its best or needs replacement parts. Some people are fine with changing coils or popping on a new tank whereas others just don’t want to. You know what? That’s absolutely fine.

One of the reasons that vaping is so popular is how easy it is to customise your vape and your vaping device to your individual needs. For some, being able to choose what they want might simply mean having a number of different e cigarette kit designs available, different coil types, the ability to vape at different temperatures and so on. For others, the ability to be able to just grab a vaping kit with e liquids and just crack on could be all that is needed! There’s no wrong way to vape (as long as you’re enjoying yourself and following manufacturer instructions!).

If you’re looking for a vape kit with e liquids there are a number of different kits available here, all known for their quality and ease of use. Keep your eyes open too as we regularly add to this section, offering you new and cutting-edge vaping kits as the industry advances. Many of these kits contain as much as 30ml of e liquid at no added charge. See individual kits for details. Know though that all e liquid is TDP compliant which means that it is safe to use and top quality. Only the very best for Go Smoke Free customers!

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