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Vampire Vape E Liquids

Vampire Vape E Liquids, a homegrown company from Lancashire, UK, were founded in 2012 and went limited as the Flavour Warehouse Limited in 2013. Since that time, they’ve exploded in terms of popularity and range. Vampire Vape are primarily known for their World famous Heisenberg e liquid which is “the daddy of all vapes” as they describe which is probably the best selling e liquid flavour of all time. With numerous different flavours to choose from you have the opportunity to enjoy the magic that is Vampire Vape e liquids in a flavour, or flavours that suit you.

Using the highest pharmaceutical grade ingredients in all of their e juice, Vampire Vape have made a commitment to their fans to produce e juice that offers big vape cloud fun day or night, leaving you 100% satisfied from the very first draw. What’s even more surprising is that this is a brand that offers so much for such an affordable cost. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, explore the range and treat yourself to some truly awesome vaping. You’ll be glad you did! You know that when you sit back with your e cigarette, loaded with your favourite Vampire Vape flavour that you are in for a taste-sensation which will leave you satisfied each and every time. Buy Vampire Vape E Liquids in 30 Flavours. Buy 9 bottles of 10ml for £19.99. Cheapest in UK

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