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Elux FAQ's

  • What Is An Elux Bar?

    An Elux Bar is a disposable vape that offers exceptional taste and premium performance. Available in a range of different models, including the Elux Legend and the Elux Bar 600, these sleek vapes are ideal for those looking for a powerful vape experience. Designed for single-use, Elux Bars deliver around 600 puffs of quality vapour before disposal. Each device contains 2ml of 20mg nicotine-salt liquid, with a draw-activation that’s ideal for beginner and expert vapers looking for convenience while on the go.

  • How Do I Set Up The Elux Bar?

    Elux Bar vapes require no setup; simply take the device out of the box and inhale to enjoy. The draw activation removes the need for complicated buttons or instructions, and the precharged battery provides immediate vape satisfaction.

  • Can I Refill An Elux Bar?

    No. Elux Bar disposables are designed for single use and cannot be refilled once empty. Each Elux Bar contains 2ml of 20mg e-liquid that lasts around 600 puffs, giving you an idea of how long it will last before you replace it with a new device.

  • How Should I Dispose Of My Elux Bars?

    It is essential that vapers responsibly dispose of their vapes, especially with the rise of discarded vapes littering our streets. Disposable vapes can be thrown in the general waste bin; however, we always recommend recycling your vapes if possible. Elux Bar vapes can be collected and taken to your local recycling centre, where the battery can be removed and the plastic recycled. Visit Recycle My Electricals for more information.

  • How Do I Know When My Elux Bar Is Finished?

    When an Elux Bar is finished, the LED light on the bottom of the device will flash. There are other warning signs that you are getting to the end of your vape, including a depletion in the amount of vapour produced and less intense flavour.

  • How Much Nicotine Is In An Elux Bar?

    Each Elux Bar contains 2ml of 20mg e-liquid, ensuring that each device adheres to strict TPD regulations. This is the equivalent of a packet of 20 regular cigarettes.

  • How Much Is An Elux Bar?

    A single Elux Bar retails for anything between £3 - £5. It is often more cost-effective to look for multi-buy deals on Elux Bar vapes or take advantage of bulk buy offers such as buying in boxes of 10.

  • Is An Elux Bar Less Harmful Than Smoking?

    Yes. While the long-term effects of vaping are still unknown, it is proven to be a much safer alternative to traditional smoking. Elux Bars do contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance; however, they do not contain the harmful chemicals and tar that cigarettes do. At present, the NHS still recommend vaping as an effective way to quit smoking.

  • Why Is Elux Bar The Best Disposable?

    Elux Bars are created by Eluxtech, one of the most prominent names in the vaping industry. Their range of vaping products combines innovation with excellence, ensuring vapers have a quality experience from the first to the last draw. Alongside the Elux Bar disposable vapes, they also create a wide range of Elux nic salt e-liquids for those wanting to sample the premium tastes in a refillable vape device.

  • Who Are Elux Bars Recommended For?

    The simplicity of an Elux Bar makes it ideal for those taking their first steps into the vaping world; however, the quality of the device and the flavour production ensures that even seasoned vapers will enjoy an Elux vape. We do not recommend Elux disposable vapes, or any disposable vapes, to those who haven’t smoked before, as nicotine is an addictive substance.

  • Is An Elux Bar Reusable?

    No, all Elux disposable vapes are designed for single use. Once the device is empty, it cannot be refilled or recharged.

  • Are Elux Bars Safe?

    Elux disposable vapes are TPD compliant and conform to all government guidelines. When vaping, we always advise you to keep your vape away from children and animals.

  • Do Elux Bars Require Maintenance?

    No. One of the benefits of choosing a disposable Elux Bar is that it requires no maintenance at all. Simply take the device out of the box and inhale to enjoy. Once the vape is empty, dispose of it responsibly and move on to the next one.

  • How Long Does An Elux Bar Last?

    Each Elux Bar delivers approximately 600 puffs, equivalent to around 20 cigarettes. Heavy smokers may find that their Elux Bar runs out quicker than a lighter smoker, as it does depend on the frequency and the length of each draw. We typically expect an Elux Bar to last for a full day.

  • What Is The Best Elux Bar Flavour?

    With over 50 flavours to choose from, you’re bound to find a winner in the Elux disposable range. From fresh menthol blasts to fruity concoctions and dessert combos, there’s something to suit all vapers.

  • What Flavour Elux Bars Are There?

    With one of the largest flavour selections out there, Elux is an excellent choice for vapers wanting an exciting flavour combination. The best way to sample them all is by taking advantage of a multi-buy deal to stock up on your new favourites.

    Apple Peach Pear: Luscious Apple, delicate Peach with the mellow sweetness of muted tones of Pear.
    Banana Pudding: Fresh Banana with creamy yellow custard notes.
    Blackcurrant Menthol: Acidicly tangy Blackcurrant intensified by an exhilarating Menthol kick for a rich, black sweetness.
    Blueberry Bubblegum: Sweet Bubblegum with a fruity burst of Blueberry.
    Blueberry Pomegranate: Fresh Blueberry thrown together with a sweetly sour dash of pink Pomegranate.
    Blueberry Raspberry: Tart Raspberries with luscious Blueberry notes.
    Blueberry Sour Raspberry: Sweetly soothing Blueberry enhanced by a kick of tangy Sour Raspberry.
    Cotton Candy: Pink, fluffy, and sugary sweet.
    Fresh Mint: Cooling and Minty fresh.
    Fuji Melon: Cool Melon and crisply sweet red Apple.
    Grape: Darkly tart yet sweet and juicy.
    Jungle Juice: The tang of pineapple with creamy coconut, like a tropical pina colada.
    Mango Ice: Syrupy, sweet Mango enhanced by cool Menthol.
    Mr Blue: Tangy Raspberry with smooth Blueberry and rich Blackberry enhanced by menthol notes.
    Peach Blueberry Candy: A lively burst of fruit and sherbet with delicate Peach and a generous hit of ripe Blueberry.
    Peach Mango: Syrupy, sweet Peach, mouth-wateringly exotic Mango.
    Pink Lemonade: Fizzily, fruity Lemonade with zesty Orange and pink Grapefruit notes.
    Red Apple Ice: Crisp and juicy sweet Red Apple finished with a smoothly icy menthol twist.
    Sour Apple: Crisp green and red Apple perfectly blended with a satisfyingly sour kick.
    Strawberry Energy: Naturally sweet Strawberry with a tangy Energy drink kick.
    Strawberry Ice Cream: Smooth vanilla Ice Cream with lashings of Strawberry sauce.
    Strawberry Kiwi: Sweet Strawberry balanced by the zesty lushness of Kiwi Fruit.
    Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum: Gently sweet Strawberry, crisply refreshing Watermelon topped with a Bubblegum burst.
    Tiger Blood: An invigorating Energy Drink flavour with a cool icy blast.
    Unicorn Shake: A sweetly sour blend of berry Candy, ripe Strawberries and creamy Banana.
    Vimto: The intensely fruity soft drink flavour we all know and love!
    Watermelon Ice: Succulent Watermelon slices and the chill of crushed ice.
    White Peach Razz: A tangy Raspberry blast balanced by delicate White Peach flavours.

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