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Disposable vapes are the most convenient choice for those who are new to vaping or don’t want the hassle of changing pods or coils, as disposable vape kits come pre-charged, pre-filled with your choice of nicotine salt e-liquid and pre-set with the perfect outputs, so that all you have to do is enjoy your vape! Every disposbale device is made up of a battery, coil and tank, with a slim, discrete design and no other bells and whistles to complicate matters! When you have finished your liquid inside your device, you will start to get a burnt-out flavour - simply dispose of your device in the correct way and start a new one!

These all-in-one kits can be used like a traditional cigarette, which is great for those who are looking for a healthier alternative to traditional smoking. There are no complicated menus and no need for maintenance, which also makes disposables popular as an emergency back-up device. Disposables are also great to slip into a small bag or back pocket on a night out if you don’t want to take your larger day-to-day device. These discrete devices make the perfect try-before-you-buy kits, making them a great way to encourage others to quit smoking.


All disposable vapes makes use of inhale activation – just remove your device from the box, remove any protective coverings and take a puff to activate the vapour production.

Most disposbales vapes support a mouth-to-lung draw that provides a small amount of vapour that is attractive for those transitioning from cigarettes. The vape kits are created with an airflow detector that starts to heat the coil as soon as you take your first inhalation, vaporising the nicotine salt e-liquid inside the chamber for a smooth, natural draw.


Most disposable vapes come in either 10mg or 20mg nicotine strength with 20mg nicotine strength being the most common for a majority of manufacturers. All disposables use nic salt e liquids to provide a smooth throat hit, regardless of the strength you opt. The Nasty Fix 2.0 is an example of a disposable available in either 10mg or 20mg nic salt strength. Any disposable vape available on the market over 20mg nicotine strength is illegal and should not be sold in the UK due to TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) rules. Geek Bar now offer zero nicotine disposable vapes for users who are looking to reduce or stop nicotine intake.


Most disposable kits work in much the same way, which means you can choose your device based on cost, design and flavour, since these vapes are pre-filled with different nicotine salt e-liquids. Those who are brand-new to vaping might choose to stick with tobacco or menthol flavour options, in order to make for the smoothest transition, but it is great to experiment with fruity and dessert flavours too. Why not buy a few different varieties and experiment until you find the one that suits you best? We stock the disposables vapes from brands such as Smok, Kingston, Nasty Juice, Pod Salt, IVG and Geek Bar so you can rest assured we have the best brands available at the best prices.


Compact, lightweight and easy-to-use, disposable vape kits are ideal for those trying to quit smoking. Anyone who is looking to make the switch to vaping can test out these kits without committing themselves to an expensive long-term device and enjoy the most convenient option. There is no learning curve, or set-up required and you don’t even need to charge them, making them the simplest vape choice by far.

Disposable kits are very cheap to buy. However, regular vapers may start to begrudge the on-going costs of these disposable vape devices when they realise that there are reusable vape kits on the market that will be far more cost-effective overall. When you have got the hang of the disposable vape options, you might like to look at a kit that makes use of a disposable pod, so that you only have to throw away the pod each time. There are also vapes that require you only to change the coil inside the pod, which work out as the most cost-effective choices.

Reusable vape kits (pod vape kits) are also better for the environment, since they create far less waste. However, when compared to your traditional cigarettes, disposable kits are still cheaper and more environmentally friendly, which makes them great for those new to vaping or anyone who wants a convenient back-up option.

Once you have been vaping for a while, you might want to play around with different styles and methods of vaping. In this case, vape kit will give you the choice of pods, wattages, resistances and airflows, so you can find your perfect draw.


If you are looking to quit smoking and give vaping a try, you can save a lot of money by choosing disposable vape kits. Since most cigarettes have around 10-12 puffs in each one, you’ll adore the longevity of these devices. Each disposable vape is pre-filled with around 1.5ml to 2ml of e-liquid, of between 10mg and 20mg nicotine strength, which provides up to 600 puffs, or inhalations (based on 1.5 second puffs). The exact amount is dependent on the battery in the device, which is usually around 300mAh to 550mAh, and the strength of your draw. Each disposable vape can easily outlast a box of 20 cigarettes as disposables vapes such as the coolplay X15 start from only £3.33 when compared to traditional pack of 20 cigarettes costing over £10.

This also makes it easier for you to estimate how long a disposable vape might last you. If you work out how many cigarettes you smoked each day, you can judge how many puffs you would have taken and translate this to your vape. So, if you previously smoked ten a day, you know that each cigarette has around 10 puffs each, translating to 100 puffs in total. That means your disposable e-cigarette should last two or three days (user style dependent!). If you aren’t sure, always take a spare with you, so that you won’t be tempted to revert back to purchasing a pack of cigarettes.


The UK has very specific legal requirements when it comes to vaping. Unlike other countries, all e-cigarette products are allowed to hold a maximum of 2ml of e-liquid, which is why SOME disposable vape kits might seem smaller than others you have seen advertised online or abroad.

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