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Vape Tank Considerations 

When it comes to choosing the right vape tank you need to be aware of all the considerations in order to ensure that you choose the right vape tank (also known as atomizer, clearomizer, clearomiser or 'atty') for you.

What is a Vape Tank?
A vape tank is a key component of almost every vaping kit device on the market. The vape tank is like a reservoir that holds the e liquid which transfers the e liquid to the wick or wicks (also known as atomizer heads or coil heads) which run through the heating coil. The lithium battery in the e cigarette activates when switched on / when a draw is taken, heating the e liquid via the coil to produce a vapour. It is this vapour which is inhaled and which holds the flavour and any nicotine.

Points to Consider….

The Diameter of Your Vape Tank
When vape tank shopping, make sure that you choose a vape tank with a diameter the same as the diameter of your vape mod or battery or less. This ensures a tight fit and looks better than having an overhang between the tank and power unit.
Airflow Choices
Consider what airflow options a tank has before buying it. Different airflow choice offer varying benefits depending on your individual vaping preferences.

•    Airflow may be fixed or adjustable.
•    Adjustable airflow is important if you wish to have complete control over your vape, including the size of your vape clouds and the warmth of your vape.
•    A fixed open airflow point may be simple to use and therefore easier initially for new vapers.

The Liquid Capacity of the Vape Tank
Post TPD regulations (May ‘17) tanks may not hold more than 2ml of e liquid at a time. If you are a heavy/regular vaper it may be advantageous to choose a vaping tank with the largest capacity available rather than a smaller one. This will reduce the amount of times you have to stop and refill your device’s tank. Those who like to very frequently change the e liquid flavour they use might wish to consider a smaller capacity vape tank.

Choose Where You Fill From
•    Tanks are usually top filled or bottom filled. Consider both before taking making a choice about the best vaping tank for you.
•    Bottom Filling Tanks usually require the removal of the vape mod or battery before it may be refilled. Filling from the bottom does however less the risk of e juice or e liquid leaks.
•    Top Filling Tanks do not require the tank being removed from the battery and may be quicker and easier to refill.

It’s important to know how to carefully remove the top of the tank so that you may replenish the e liquid. Instructions on how to do this varies from device to device.

Choose Between Disposable and Non-Disposable Tanks
When vape tank shopping consider whether you are looking for a disposable, i.e. a throwaway tank (such as a CE4’s which are normally referred to as clearomizers) or one that may be reused over and over again. There is an environmental aspect to this decision as well as a financial one. While on face value disposables may seem cheaper, non-disposable vape tanks last significantly longer therefore work out more affordable longer term. Newer vapers are most often sold the simplest vape kits such as CE4 Starter kits as the “plug and play” aspect of vaping allows anyone to try to vaping. Usually the vaping “newbies” evolve to more sophisticated non-disposable vape tanks

Vape Tank Material
Vape tanks are usually all now made from glass/Pyrex glass as opposed to polycarbonate. There are a number of reasons for this including the fact that stronger e flavoured e liquids, for example citrus ones, are more likely to damage, taint or split plastic/polycarbonate ones. These days you are only likely to find polycarbonate housing on tanks in disposable clearomizers such as the CE4 or budget end vape tanks.

Drip Tips Replacements
The mouthpiece or drip tip that is essential for all e cigarettes may be fixed or replaceable. While a replaceable one may seem like an added consumable to pay for, down the line drip tips are fairly affordable and certainly cheaper than replacing a whole tank/e cigarette when the fix drip tip part is damaged or less effective or lost in lot of cases. Also replaceable drip tips allows you to customise your vaping experience to your requirements such as drip tip material, colour and mouthpiece width

Running Costs
The running costs of your vaping experience is something to consider when choosing a vape tank. Factors which may contribute or detract from the ongoing cost of your vape tank include:

•    Disposable tank replacement costs vs non-disposables.
•    Drip tip replacement costs vs fixed drip tips
•    Vape tank replacement necessary due to stronger e liquid use (more commonly seen when plastic vaping tanks are used).
•    The cost of assorted consumables such as coils/wicking for those choosing a RDA or RDTA with the purpose of allowing them to build their own vaping coils.
•    How much power is used. Which coils you choose for example will have an effect on how much power is needed for operation of your device and also the amount of liquid turned into vapour. Lower ohm resistance coils require higher powered devices to power them

Coils Types
•    Vape tanks designed for high end sub ohm vaping require high end premade coils that can be very expensive. Some e liquids can “kill” coils very quickly and therefore a coils life expectancy may be very short before needing replacing and therefore work out very expensive to operate.
•    For next level/advanced vaping you have the option to use RTAs (rebuildable tank atomizers) or RTDAs (rebuildable dripping tank atomizers) which both require you to build your own coils and install these yourself along with wick. These coil builds operate at a very low resistance level but can be used to save money on premade coils as you can build and replace very inexpensively.

The Right Vape Tank for You
These points clearly show that it is important to consider a number of factors when choosing which vaping tank is best to suit your individual needs. If you need additional advice don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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