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Choosing Your First Starter Kit: The Beginner’s Guide

Knowing how to start electronic cigarette usage is probably the only aspect of e cig smoking which might have you scratching your head as there are a number of choices to consider. These exist to offer you everything you need to truly personalise your vaping experience.

When deciding on what electronic cigarette starter kit you really need consider the following:

● How much / how often do I smoke?
● Do I need more than one battery?
● Do I expect to be smoking while out and about or is this purely an enjoyable habit for when at home?
● How much do I want to spend on getting started?
● Do I need or want any accessories such as in car chargers or wall charger or a carrying case?

There are e cig starter kits available which cater for the absolute beginner to those who have been vaping (usually known as vapers) for a while and who are looking for some new kit. All kits come with the basics as a minimum however some have more peripherals/extras so that you may choose whatever you need without any waste. All starter kits should come with instructions on how to use the contents which is invaluable if you are wanting to simply pick up the basic starter kit and get started on exploring this new way of smoking before transitioning between tobacco smoking and vaping permanently.

The Most Basic Kit

These starter kits may be referred to as “basic” however that doesn’t mean they aren’t the very best standalone introduction kits to get someone started. These are also often bought by those looking to replace their core pieces of kit who already have all the other relevant accessories and extras they want and need. Starter kits can be purchased from as low as £9.99 a unit so relatively inexpensive to purchase.

What the starter kit contains will depend on the which you buy and how much you want to spend, however typically you should expect to see a e cigarette battery (usually a standard 650 mAh power), a clearomizer(usually a CE4 clearomizer) and a USB charging lead. The liquid used the in clearomizers(the device that holds the liquid) is usually bought as separate purchase and this liquid is known as e liquid or e juice.

Points to note when purchasing the basic starter kit as mentioned above:

1. Will the standard 650 mAh battery charge last for an all-day vape based on your vaping regularity? If not you may need a bigger battery such as the 900mAh or even an 1100 mAh battery. Alternatively a secondary battery may be good alternative if you’re looking not to increase the size of the battery you have as larger capacity batteries become longer in length (sometimes in diameter also).

2. If you are smoking while out of the house or at work, will your battery last all day between charges whilst not at home? If not, you may require an in car charger for electronic cigarettes to keep your battery alive. An additional USB wire for charging your device at work via your computer or a wall charger could be useful to ensure you’re not tempted back to traditional cigarettes if your e cigarette devices become flat. Do not use chargers not purposely made for e cigarette usage as this is highly dangerous.

If you are experimenting with vaping and aren’t yet sure you want to make the switch, the basic e cigarette starter kit could be exactly what you are looking for.

The Kit for Professionals or More Advanced Vaper

These types of kit offer everything the basic kit does with added accessories for the established e smoker/vapers such as additional clearomizers, additional replacement coils/atomizer heads, additional batteries, in car chargers or a wall charger. The existence of so many extras will increase the unit price of the starter kit. More advanced starter kits may include more sophisticated clearomizers such as dual coil clearomizers and more advanced batteries that have variable voltage , variable wattage capacities and big power capacities such as 2200 mAh. The possibilities for advanced vapers are endless as new and more supplicated devices are released weekly to cater for the ever growing e cigarette market place.

Kits for Couples

When two smokers are looking to move over from traditional tobacco smoking to the cleaner vaping experience together a couple’s combination kit (sometimes referred to as a dual kit as it has two pieces of each peripheral) could be just the thing. Usually these are basic kits with enough of everything to get both started however some might have added extras such as additional clearomizers and accessories.

With a great number of starter kits available it is important that before you buy that you go back to the checklist above and consider what you really want and need, what your smoking habits are and whether you are looking for a very basic kit to get you started or whether you are looking for the bells and whistles.