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How to Stop Leaking and Swallowing of E-liquid from Your E Cigarette

As with many things, when you start with something new it may be a case of altering your technique or getting to know your equipment better in order to get to grips with it properly. This is certainly true when it comes to smoking an e cigarette.

If you have recently started smoking an e cigarette and have found yourself with e liquid in your mouth more than once (not pleasant and of course e liquid is not to be swallowed!) this will likely have been caused by e liquid leaking from the e cig cartridge or chamber. This seeps through the mouthpiece into your mouth and is anything but pleasant. The experience will leave a bitter taste in your mouth and it may sting a little.

In order to stop this happening again these tips should be read, followed and saved for future reference:

  • Some coil/atomizer heads use rubber tops to form a seal to stop liquid going up central tubing of clearomizer and into your mouth. If the rubber top is removed, the liquid is free to go up the clearomizer into your mouth when device is used. Ensure you seal is in tact before userubber-seal.png
  • When smoking your e cig do not hold it vertically or up at a slanted angle with the end of the e cigarette device being higher than the mouthpiece as this makes it easy for any loose or leaked e juice to make its way to your mouth. Keep the e cigarette horizontal (so no lying down flat in bed and smoking!).
  • Avoid over-filling your e cigarette. Take great care when filling and do not rush. If you do over-fill your e cigarette cartridge use an absorbent paper or kitchen roll to clean the excess and thoroughly clean the e cigarette according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Ensure the coil/atomizer head is firmly screwed into the base of the clearomizer as sometimes they arrive loose on delivery or after a coil/atomizer change. Loose coil heads allow liquid to leak out of clearomizer and up central console into mouth
  • If the coil/atomizer head of the clearomizer has become worn or has come to the end to its life expectancy or indeed faulty, this will also cause leaking of e liquid. Try and replace the coil/atomizer head as this is a common issue. 

If you have taken the e cigarette apart, cleaned it, refilled it and tried using a alternative replacement coil / atomizer head and still have the issue ensure that you check the above steps and if necessary contact the manufacturer or retailer for advice.