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Disposable Vapes VS Prefilled Pods

We compare which is the best setup for vapers

The world of disposable vapes has exploded over the last few years, with vapers spoilt for choice when it comes to design, flavour and, more recently, puff count. Recently, we’ve seen a shift in vapers reaching for pod-filled devices, with a growing demand for prefilled pods and ‘big puff’ pod kits. While disposable vapes are still flying off the shelves, it’s time to take a closer look at both vaping options and see which one is better for vapers.

What is a disposable vape?

A disposable vape is a single-use e-cigarette designed to be ‘disposed’ of once finished. Each device consists of a battery, a coil, and e-liquid, all housed within an easy-to-use casing. The liquid in a disposable vape is usually a nic-salt formulation, offering quick absorption and a smooth throat hit in a wide variety of flavours. To ensure TPD compliance, disposable vapes contain a maximum of 2ml of e-liquid, with a maximum nicotine strength of 20mg.

Leading disposable vape brands include Lost Mary, Elf Bar and SKE Crystal; however, new brands and designs are emerging all the time.

What is a pod vape kit?

A pod vape kit is similar to a disposable vape, with a few key differences. First, a pod vape kit typically consists of a rechargeable battery and a pod cartridge prefilled with e-liquid. The pod is clicked into place and attached to the battery, heating up the coil and producing vapour. Once a pod is empty, it can be replaced with a new pod for continuous vaping. Pod kits fall under the same government restrictions as disposable vapes and contain 2ml of e-liquid with a maximum 20mg nicotine strength.

Pod vape kits come in a wide range of styles, with most leading brands offering their own pod device, including Elf Bar, SKE Crystal and Riot.

Prefilled Pods VS Disposable Vapes

Value for Money

As well as the health benefits, saving money is one of the best things about quitting smoking. Disposable vapes and pod kits are both significantly cheaper than buying traditional cigarettes, but which one comes out on top?

Overall, prefilled pod kits are considered more cost-effective than single-use disposable vapes. One disposable vape costs around £3-£6 and contains 2ml of e-liquid. A vape pod kit usually retails for between £10-£20 and comes with at least one prefilled pod. After the initial cost of buying the device, vapers only need to replace the pods going forward, which typically costs around £5 for two 2ml pods. Cost-wise, this gives double the amount of liquid for the cost of one disposable vape. To reduce the cost of disposable vapes, it’s worth looking for multi-buy deals and bulk-buy discounts; however, they still work out significantly cheaper than a packet of cigarettes!

Environmental Impact

One of the current hot topics is the environmental impact of disposable vapes. With single-use devices littering high streets, coastlines, and nature spots, it’s imperative that vapers start disposing of their devices responsibly. Both disposable vapes and pod kits contain batteries that can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of correctly. Both types of vapes can be recycled, either in household recycling or at a dedicated vape recycling point, to ensure all parts go to the right places.

Prefilled pod kits are typically better for the environment as the battery can be recharged, unlike single-use disposable vapes. It’s important also to consider the amount of plastic waste created by vaping, especially disposables, which are thrown away once they are empty. Overall, pod kits are more eco-friendly than disposables; however, recycling disposables significantly reduces their environmental impact.

Taste & Flavour

Disposable vapes and pod devices contain the same type of e-liquid, with the main variations coming from the brand you choose and their unique liquid formulations. Taste and flavour are two of the most important aspects of vaping, with many vapers seeking a specific flavour combination or throat hit that satisfies their cravings.

The battery within the device controls the flavour production, and as the battery decreases, the flavour and vapour production can decrease. Pod vape kits typically have rechargeable batteries, and vapers will find that the taste of their liquid decreases as the battery runs out. On the other hand, disposable vape batteries are specifically made to last as long as the liquid in the device. Leading vape brands such as Elf Bar or SKE Crystal pride themselves on offering the same quality taste from the first puff to the last.

One great benefit of vape pod kits is the ability to switch between pods if you want to try a different flavour or add some variety to your vaping day. With disposable vapes, you are confined to one flavour unless you pick up more than one device.

Ease of Use

There’s really no contest when it comes to ease of use. Disposable vapes are designed for the ultimate convenience with no need to precharge or fill with liquid; simply open the box and start vaping. Most disposable vapes are also inhale-activated, which means there are no buttons to press or tricky setup instructions to follow.

While vape pod kits do require more setup, it is minimal, as the pods simply slot or click into place to attach to the battery. Some pods may need a sticker removed before inserting into the device, but all instructions will be clearly set out on the packaging. Pod kits also require recharging when the power gets low; however, they are designed to charge quickly so that you can get back to vaping in no time.


Disposable vapes are designed for convenience and are readily available in convenience stores, supermarkets, vape shops, and online retailers. The availability of disposable vapes is what makes them so popular with those trying to quit smoking; it’s easy to pick up a device when you’re on the go - or pick up a replacement if you run out.

Vape pod kits are also readily available, and as demand grows, more shops and retailers are starting to stock the kits and prefilled pods. If you need a specific type of disposable or pod, it may be worthwhile finding it online and buying in bulk in case your local store runs out. Overall, with the huge surge in popularity for both disposables and pods, you’re never far away from a shop that sells them!

Prefilled Pods VS Disposable Vapes: The Verdict

Disposable Vapes - Pros

Disposable Vapes - Cons

Easy to use

More expensive than pods

Readily available

Not as eco-friendly

Consistent flavour

Restricted to one flavour

No set up

Not rechargeable

Vape Pod Kits - Pros

Vape Pod Kids - Cons


Needs some assembly


Will need charging


Bigger initial cost

Switch between flavours

Flavour depletion

Disposable vapes and prefilled pod kits offer vapers many benefits and are excellent tools for quitting smoking. At Go Smoke Free, we are big fans of both types of vapes and provide an extensive range of disposables and pod kits from leading brands in the vaping world. If saving money and the environment are high up on your priority list, pod kits could be the right choice for you. Alternatively, if you’re chasing unbeatable flavour straight out of the box, disposables are the one for you.

Shop the full range of disposable vapes and prefilled pod kits at Go Smoke Free today, with incredible online prices and plenty of multi-buy deals to enjoy. Whatever team you’re on, we wish you Happy Vaping!


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