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​Vaping Retailers Help Smokers Quit Tobacco Cigarettes

14th Aug 2018

Vaping is not the new, exciting or new and weird hobby it was once considered to be (depending on your outlook). Vaping has now been around long enough for people to recognise it as being the beneficial alternative to tobacco smoking. Not only is it healthier, and more on that shortly, it is now so easy to access with vaping shops popping up all over. We look at why vaping shops, and vaping websites that offer advice, dedicated vaping blog posts, FAQ sections, special offers and face to face or phone support are helping smokers to quit smoking for good.

Vaping in the main has been attributed to helping hundreds of thousands of smokers quit since vaping became popular. It offers an enjoyable alternative that is at least 95% less harmful than smoking. That figure comes directly from the Public Health England who referred to vaping as such is their recent review. You might assume that the other 5% will fall into line one vaping studies have been run over a long enough period to tick that particular box. There are many parts of vaping that have been helpful in helping smokers to quit however, and one sector which doesn’t get enough credit for it are the front line vaping shops and online retailers.

Yes, vaping shops and online sellers are businesses that are there to make a profit. If, however, they are a reputable business they will also be looking to enhance their customer’s enjoyment and genuinely care about the vaping community and the need to support others in walking away from harmful tobacco smoking.

Getting Rid of Fake News

There is a lot of fake news out there in term of sensationalist headlines about how terrible vaping is, how every e cigarette is bound to blow up and of course how e liquids cause you to grow a second head. Thankfully when you visit a vaping shop or speak to online retailers you know that you are speaking to people who know their stuff and who can’t afford, even if they wanted to, to offer up mistruths about what vaping is all about. A good business is built on authority, honesty and trust and so if you choose to speak to any of these about a vaping query you know that you’ll be receiving genuine information.

Vaping Retailers are Best Placed to Tell it as it is.

A vaping retailer knows what is in an e juice, what ingredients are used and what is not in an ejuice. They also know that tobacco cigarettes are filled with chemicals, many of which are classified as toxic by the World Health Organisation. Knowing the ins and outs of the smoking vs vaping debate, retailers are best placed to explain the pros and cons on both sides, offering a realistic overview of the benefits of switching to vaping and will be able to back up what they say with evidence.

TPD Savvy Retailers Know the Score

In May 2017 the TPD legislation was released in its current form. It imposed numerous restrictions on vaping, including reducing the nicotine strength allowed in a pre-mixed bottle of vaping juice. How does this help smokers? Well, short fill e liquids were born out of necessity, allowing heavy smokers to switch to vaping the higher nicotine strengths they are used to and give up smoking for good. This has been achieved by selling flavoured nicotine free e liquidnicotine free e liquidnicotine free e liquid alongside cost free nicotine shots in various strengths. By enabling this, adhering to TPD laws yet still facilitating a pleasurable vape for those looking to switch over, vaping retailers have once again found a way to support smokers in their quest to find a way to stub out their cigarettes for good.


Smoking is expensive, very expensive in fact. You would be lucky to get much change from a ten pound note when buying twenty cigarettes and once smoked, in a day or two, you need a whole new packet. Vaping is considerably cheaper with a basic starter kit starting at around £20-£25. The start up cost may seen higher however a starter kit and some e liquids will last a whole lot longer.

Those looking for an affordable hobby will be glad to reach out to vaping retailers and to visit vaping shops as they are able to maximise savings with special offers and will also be able to find information on how to make their vaping hobby more affordable overall, from vaping tips to e cigarette know-how. This helps smokers again as it helps identify another good reason to quit; the affordability reason.

In Summary

Vaping retailers often offer years of vaping experience, a unique insight into the vaping community and the industry as well as the ability to help smokers get the most out of their new vaping hobby which in turn makes it less likely that they will be tempted to switch back to tobacco smoking. By offering so much it is easy to see that as part of the whole package that is vaping, that retailers, both online and in shops, do much to help smokers switch over and make sure they enjoy it enough to stay and enjoy the health benefits it offers.

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