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Giving The Gift Of Vaping This Christmas

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Christmas is now in sight and that means Christmas shopping. Instead of socks and chocolates, why not think about giving the gift of vaping?

What we don’t suggest you do here is turn up on Christmas Eve and surprise a smoker who has never considered vaping with an e cigarette. That could come across as a little passive-aggressive, to say the least. If someone has expressed an interest or is already a vaper, vaping accessories, flavoured e liquids and so on could make a great gift.

A Vaping Starter Kit For Those Getting Started

If you have a friend or family member who has just started vaping or has said that they will on 1st Jan (with a New Year Resolution to quit smoking) a vaping starter kit could make a good Christmas gift. With very basic kits to get people started or more advanced ones to choose from, these sets have all the kit they need to get started. Some contain e liquids, some don’t but you can pick up a handful for a very reasonable price to put with the kit if needed.

The Gift of Flavoured E Liquids


There are many ways that you could give people e liquids. If you know them well (we wouldn’t suggest putting an e liquid bundle into a secret Santa present) you could stock up the flavours that they already like. It might be an idea to opt for a mix-up of different flavours. There are plenty to choose from with fruit e liquids, tobacco tastes, sweet treats and dessert-flavoured e juice and some of the more adventurous flavours such as our popular OMG Heisenberg blend.

If you aren’t sure about what tech they might use or want but know they love their vaping an e liquid bundle might be the best option. Choose one or two larger bottles, such as the Banana Mango Cush Man e juice and add in some OMG or Hangsen e liquids in various flavours to make the gift look more substantial without breaking the bank. This is a great way to help a vaper build their e liquids collection and try new flavours that they may not have considered for themselves.

A New E Cigarette

Unlike tobacco cigarettes an e cigarette lasts for more than a few minutes. Yes, parts may need to be replaced from time to time but they really do offer excellent value for money. If you need to replace parts these parts are fairly inexpensive. I think that most would agree that as well as being the cleaner option that e cigarettes are cheaper in the long run than combustibles which quite literally go up in smoke.

Has the person that you are buying for been looking for a new e cigarette? Perhaps they’ve been dropping hints or you have been doing a little digging. There are plenty to choose from and many different types so make sure that you do your research first.

Vaping Accessories

Spare batteries need a case and if you can find one which also enables you to store a few e liquids in there safely too, that’s a bonus. For those who vape out and about and like to carry their e cig with them looking at this type of vaping accessory could be a great gift. Practical and thoughtful. Lanyards are also popular with those who like to carry their e cigarettes around them but don’t want to keep it in their pocket.

What about a box or similar that could be used for storing your giftee’s growing e liquid collection? A lockable box is ideal unless you know they keep them somewhere out of the way of little prying hands and paws. There are many vaping accessories that could make a great gift this Christmas.

What About a Vaping Christmas Hamper

The beauty of putting a hamper together is that you are in complete control of the budget and how big or small this hamper will be. If for example you were looking to buy something small for a new-ish vaper what about taking advantage of the clearance or sale items we have on the site? Some e liquids, a not-too-expensive ecig and some sort of accessory to finish it off?

If your vaping hamper is for your significant other or you have another friend or family member chipping in you could put together a hamper that looks really impressive with ease. With bundles and multi-buys you can get a fair few e liquids for a great price and choose from a variety of flavours. If you know a fair bit about them and about vaping consider adding a new tank or reusables such as wicks into the mix. There really is no bad way to put a Christmas vaping hamper together. At the end of the day, we are sure that the lucky recipient will be grateful and impressed with whatever you choose.

Giving The Gift Of Vaping This Christmas: In Conclusion

If your friend or family member has switched over to vaping from smoking they have already given themselves a fabulous gift. Their health and their bank balance will thank them for the decision. As for giving vaping items for Christmas, with such an array of vaping kits, devices and e liquids there is such a lot to choose from, all at great prices.

Enjoy browsing and if you need any recommendations, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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