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Giving The Gift Of Vaping This Christmas

Giving The Gift Of Vaping This Christmas

6th Dec 2019

There are many items considered traditional gifts. Socks, books, perfume, chocolates, and so on. Why not choose a vaping gift for your partner, siblings, friends or parents?

It would certainly show that you’ve thought about what you’ve chosen, rather than just picking something like a bottle, red, or flowers up quickly on the way home from work.

A vaping gift? Yes! It’s an original gift choice and is good for smokers. You could do them a favour by giving them a vaping starter kit or similar e-cigarette-related treats.

We look at why vaping gifts are becoming so popular, why they may be a good idea for the person you are buying for and what the best buys are.

The Growing Popularity of Vaping Gifts

With a record high number of individuals turning to vaping as an alternative to traditional tobacco products, the demand for vaping-related items has skyrocketed.

Health-conscious Alternative:

One of the primary reasons for the surge in vaping gifts is the rising awareness about the health risks associated with smoking. Vaping offers a potentially less harmful alternative, eliminating the combustion process and reducing exposure to harmful toxins in traditional cigarettes. By gifting a vaping device, individuals can encourage their loved ones to explore this healthier option, allowing them to enjoy nicotine without the harmful effects of smoking.

Variety and Customisation:

Vaping gifts is appealing to gift-givers. Vaping devices come in various designs, sizes, and colours, catering to different preferences and styles. The availability of diverse e-liquid flavours allows individuals to personalise their vaping experience.

Social Appeal and Community:

The popularity of vaping is attributed to its social appeal. Vaping has evolved into a lifestyle choice, with enthusiasts forming communities and fostering camaraderie. Gifting a vaping device can connect individuals to this community, giving them a shared interest and a chance to bond with fellow vapers. The emergence of vape-related events and gatherings has solidified vaping as a social activity, enhancing the allure of vaping gifts.

Technology and Innovation:

The continuous advancements in vaping technology have fueled its popularity as a gift choice. Vaping devices have become more sophisticated, offering improved battery life, temperature control, and enhanced vapour production. Additionally, introducing pod systems and sleek, compact designs, as well as disposable vapes, has made vaping more accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

Combining cutting-edge technology and sleek aesthetics makes vaping gifts highly coveted among tech-savvy individuals and trend-conscious recipients.

Considerations When Choosing Vaping Gifts

When it comes to selecting vaping gifts, there are several important considerations to keep in mind. Whether you're buying a gift for a seasoned vaper or someone just starting, understanding their preferences, safety concerns, and vaping habits is crucial.

Vaping Experience and Skill Level:

One of the first things to consider is the vaping experience and skill level of the person you're buying the gift for. Are they a beginner or an advanced vapers? Beginners may prefer simpler devices with easy-to-use features, while experienced vapers might appreciate more advanced devices with customisable options and enhanced performance. Matching the gift to the recipient's skill level ensures they can fully enjoy and utilise it.

Device Type and Design:

Vaping devices come in various types, such as disposable vapes, pod systems, vape pens, box mods, and more. Each type has its unique features and functionalities. Consider the recipient's preferences regarding device type, as well as their aesthetic tastes. Some prefer sleek and compact designs, while others favour larger, more powerful devices. Additionally, consider factors like ergonomics, durability, and overall build quality.

Battery Life and Charging Options:

Battery life is a crucial consideration for vapers, as it affects the overall convenience and portability of the device. Look for vaping gifts that offer extended battery life, especially if the recipient is often on the go. Additionally, consider the charging options available. Some devices feature built-in rechargeable batteries, while others require external batteries or charging via USB. Understanding the recipient's lifestyle and charging preferences will help you choose a gift that suits their needs.

E-Liquid Compatibility and Flavours:

If you're considering gifting e-liquids, ensure they're compatible with the recipient's device. Different devices support different e-liquids, such as freebase nicotine or nicotine salts. Take note of the nicotine strength and the recipient's preferences. Choose a variety pack or popular flavours to cater to a wider range of tastes.

Safety Features and Regulations:

Look for devices that adhere to industry safety standards and regulations. Features like short circuit protection, overheating protection, and low battery voltage detection can enhance the vaping experience. Consider local regulations such as the UK TPD or restrictions regarding vaping products to ensure compliance and legality.

Accessories and Extras:

Vaping enthusiasts often appreciate accessories and extras that enhance their experience. Consider additional items such as spare coils, tanks, drip tips, carrying cases, or personalised vape accessories. These add-ons can complement the main gift and give the recipient more options and customisation opportunities.

Vaping Starter Kits

If you know someone just itching to move from smoking to vaping or looking for an upgrade, why not consider a vaping starter kit? There are several vape kits to start vaping, so you are spoilt for choice. One of our more popular beginner items is the Innokin Endura T18e Starter Kit.

This is an easy-to-use and easy-to-fill top-loading e-cigarette which looks great and offers some seriously good vaping. Innokin is a well-known and much-respected brand in the vaping industry, known for producing high-end vaping kit that offers excellent vaping without breaking the bank.

This model is perfect for beginners and beyond. If this one doesn't grab you, look at what else we offer in the starter kit department.

Vaping Starter Kits: Perfect Gifts for Beginners

Vaping has gained significant popularity over the years as a less harmful alternative to traditional smoking. If you have a friend or loved one interested in exploring the world of vaping, a vaping starter kit can make a perfect gift.

Understanding Vaping Starter Kits

Vaping starter kits are comprehensive packages that include all the essentials to begin vaping. They typically include a vape mod (battery), a tank or atomiser, coils, and other accessories. These kits are designed for beginners, providing a hassle-free entry into vaping.

The Importance of Quality

When selecting a vaping starter kit, quality is paramount. Opt for kits from reputable brands to ensure safety, durability, and a pleasant vaping experience. Reliable brands often incorporate overheat protection, short circuit protection, and high-quality materials that contribute to overall satisfaction.

Types of Vaping Starter Kits

Disposable Kits: Disposable vape kits are usually compact 2ml devices that come prefilled with liquid and precharged ready for immediate use. They are usually an excellent option for anyone looking for a device that's inexpensive or for anyone possibly experimenting with vaping for the first time.

Pod Systems: Pod systems are compact, user-friendly devices that utilise replaceable pods containing both the e-liquid and the coil. They are an excellent option for beginners due to their simplicity and portability.

All-in-One (AIO) Kits: AIO kits offer a complete vaping solution with an integrated tank and battery. They are easy to use, as the tank and coil come pre-installed and are often non-replaceable. AIO kits are great for those who prefer convenience and simplicity.

Box Mod Kits: Box mod kits are more advanced and versatile. They offer adjustable settings, interchangeable tanks, and more customisation options. While they may be more suitable for vapers ready to explore different vaping styles, some beginner-friendly box mod kits also exist.

Vaping Gift Considerations for Beginners:

Battery Life: For beginners, choosing a starter kit with sufficient battery capacity is essential to avoid frequent recharging. Look for kits with long-lasting batteries or ones that allow easy battery replacement.

Ease of Use: Beginners often appreciate kits that are user-friendly and straightforward. Features like one-button operation, intuitive interfaces, and easy coil replacement make the vaping experience more enjoyable.

Coil Options: Kits that offer different coil options provide versatility, allowing beginners to experiment with various vaping styles. Coils with higher resistance (above 1.0 ohm) are ideal for mouth-to-lung vaping, resembling the draw of traditional cigarettes. In contrast, lower resistance coils (sub-ohm) are suited for direct lung hits and increased vapour production.

E-liquid Compatibility: Check whether the starter kit is compatible with many e-liquids. This ensures that beginners have the flexibility to explore different flavours and nicotine strengths.

Vaping Gifts for the Enthusiast: Advanced Devices and Mods

Exploring the world of advanced devices and mods can be exciting for vaping enthusiasts. Whether searching for the perfect gift for a seasoned vaper or upgrading your vaping setup, this guide will delve into the realm of advanced e-cigarette gifts. From cutting-edge devices to innovative mods, we’ll provide detailed information on some of the best options available.

Box Mod Gifts:

Box mods are highly sought-after among advanced vapers due to their versatility and advanced features. These devices offer customisable settings, temperature control, variable wattage, and longer battery life. Some popular box mods include the GeekVape Aegis Legend, Voopoo Drag X Plus, and Lost Vape Paranormal DNA250C.

Mechanical Mod Gifts:

Mechanical mods, also known as mech mods, operate solely on the principle of battery power. Experienced vapers favour them for their simplicity and power output. However, it's crucial to note that mechanical mods require a deep understanding of battery safety and Ohm's law. Examples of mechanical mods include the Purge Mods Slam Piece, Vandy Vape Bonza Kit, and Kennedy Vindicator.

Squonk Mod Gifts:

Squonk mods have gained popularity due to their unique design, which incorporates a built-in squeeze bottle for convenient e-liquid refilling. These mods are compatible with bottom-feeding RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomisers) and offer a dripping experience without manually dripping e-liquid. Notable squonk mods include the Dovpo Topside Dual Carbon, Vandy Vape Pulse V2, and Wotofo Dyadic Squonk Mod.

High-End Device Gifts:

For vapers who appreciate craftsmanship and luxury, high-end devices offer exceptional build quality and exquisite design. These devices feature unique materials, intricate engravings, and limited edition releases. Examples of high-end devices include the SX Mini G Class, DotMod DotAIO SE, and Limelight Freehand Gloom.

Pod System Gifts:

Pod systems are compact and user-friendly devices that have gained popularity among beginners and experienced vapers. Advanced pod systems offer adjustable airflow, variable wattage, and compatibility with various coil options. Noteworthy pod systems for enthusiasts include the Vaporesso XROS, Lost Vape Q-Ultra, and Smok Nord X.

Budget-Friendly Vaping Gift Ideas: Thoughtful Presents for Vapers on a Budget

Regarding gift-giving, finding the perfect present for a vaper doesn’t have to be expensive. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore a range of budget-friendly gift ideas that will delight any vaping enthusiast. From essential accessories to tasty e-liquid options, these affordable gifts will show your loved ones that you understand and support their vaping passion.

E-liquid Sample Packs

E-liquid is an essential component of every vaper’s collection. Surprise your loved one with a selection of e-liquid sample packs. These packs often contain various flavours and nicotine strengths, allowing the vaper to explore new tastes without committing to a full-sized bottle. Choose packs that offer a diverse range of flavours, including dessert, fruit, and tobacco blends. This budget-friendly gift will enhance their vaping experience and provide a new and exciting adventure.

Coil Building Kit

For vapers who enjoy the technical aspects of vaping, a coil-building kit is an excellent gift choice. These kits typically include wire, cotton, tweezers, and tools to build and install coils. This gift empowers the vaper to customise their vaping experience while saving money on pre-built coils. Not only will they appreciate the thoughtful gesture, but they’ll also have fun experimenting with different coil builds.

Battery Charger

A reliable battery charger is an essential accessory for any vaper who uses rechargeable batteries. Look for a charger that supports multiple battery sizes and offers safety features like overcharge protection. With a budget-friendly battery charger, your loved one can keep their vaping devices powered up and ready to go without needing expensive replacements. It's a practical gift that any vaper will appreciate.

Vape Carrying Case

Vapers often need to carry their devices, e-liquids, and accessories wherever they go. Help them stay organised and protect their gear with a vape-carrying case. Look for a case with compartments or pockets to hold different vaping essentials securely. Also, choose a durable exterior case to shield the contents from accidental damage. A budget-friendly vape carrying case is a practical and thoughtful gift idea that any vaper will appreciate.

Vape Cleaning Kit

Maintaining a clean vaping device is crucial for optimal performance. Help your loved one keep their devices spotless with a vape cleaning kit. These kits usually include brushes, cleaning solutions, and other tools to clean atomisers, tanks, and other components. By gifting a vape cleaning kit, you show your consideration for their vaping experience and help them extend the lifespan of their devices.

E-Liquids as Gifts

We have hundreds of e-liquids for you to choose from, all of which make fabulous gifts or even new year's treats. You are spoilt for choice with everything from dessert flavours to tobacco tones, fabulously fruity e-juice flavours and some unique tastes.

Choose from high VG e-liquid (great for those who enjoy a smooth vape and big vape clouds as well as sub-ohm vapers), something with more PG (read more about propylene glycol here) in it for vapers who crave more of a throat hit, choose your nicotine strength and customise further if that's what you're looking for by opting for short fill e liquids.

There are so many flavours and e-liquids to choose from! When buying e-liquids as a gift, you can approach gift-giving in a couple of didn't ways, depending on your budget. You could choose a few e-liquids individually or take advantage of the mix-and-match offers where bulk buying different flavours has always been challenging and more affordable.

For example, we have ten e-liquids for under ten pounds, and you can go right with a brand such as e-liquid. These e-liquid offers make vaping more budget-friendly.

Vape Accessories as Gifts

Nothing says I love you more than a new battery charger for the vaper in your life. The Nitecore Intellicharger I4 version flies off the shelves as it hosts four battery slots and identifies the battery inserted before choosing the correct power level to charge at. Clever or what? We can see why this bad boy is proving popular by offering maximum efficiency.

What About A Vaping Christmas Hamper?

The beauty of putting a hamper together is that you completely control the budget and how big or small this hamper will be. If, for example, you were looking to buy something small for a new-ish vaper, what about taking advantage of the clearance or sale items we have on the site? To finish it off, some e-liquids, a not-too-expensive e-cig and some sort of accessory?

If your vaping hamper is for your significant other or you have another friend or family member chipping in, you could assemble an impressive hamper. With bundles and multi-buys, you can get a fair few e-liquids for a great price and choose from various flavours.

If you know little about them and vaping, consider adding a new tank or reusables such as wicks. There is no bad way to put a Christmas vaping hamper together. The lucky recipient will be grateful and impressed with whatever you choose.

Gift Etiquette: Considerations for Gifting Vaping Products

With its rise in popularity, gifting vaping products has become increasingly common. However, navigating the realm of gifting vaping products with sensitivity and consideration is essential.

Understanding the Recipient

Before gifting any vaping product, it is crucial to understand the recipient's preferences, habits, and lifestyle choices. Some important factors to consider include:

Existing Vaping Experience: Determine if the recipient is already an experienced vaper or is new to vaping. This knowledge will help you select a suitable device or accessory that aligns with your skill level.

Flavour Preferences: Vaping liquids come in a wide variety of flavours. Take note of the recipient's preferred flavours, such as fruity, dessert, or tobacco, to ensure an enjoyable vaping experience.

Nicotine Strength: Vaping liquids also differ in nicotine strength. Consider whether the recipient prefers nicotine or uses nicotine-free alternatives for a personalised and tailored gift.

Research Products:

Thoroughly research vaping products to ensure you choose high-quality, reputable brands. Look for devices that prioritise safety features, have positive customer reviews, and adhere to industry standards. Familiarise yourself with different types of vaping devices, such as pod systems, mods, or disposable e-cigarettes, to make an informed decision.

Legal and Age Restrictions:

Check your region's legal requirements and age restrictions related to vaping products. Vaping laws may vary, and it is crucial to abide by them. Ensure you and the recipient are legally eligible to possess and use vaping products.

Consider Health and Safety:

While considered less harmful than traditional smoking, vaping still has health implications. It’s important to consider the recipient’s health conditions and overall well-being. If the recipient has respiratory issues or medical concerns, opting for non-vaping-related gifts might be more appropriate.

Educate and Encourage Responsibility:

When gifting vaping products, include educational materials and resources on responsible vaping. Provide information on battery safety, proper usage, and maintenance of the device, as well as the potential risks associated with vaping. Encourage the recipient to make informed choices and use vaping products responsibly.

Vaping Gifts, Treats and More

We work hard here at Go Smoke-Free to ensure that you not only have what you need to vape but plenty to choose from and that all items available are of the best quality.

We wouldn't stock anything that we wouldn't use ourselves or that we couldn't be proud of. We have some spectacular brands on the website, so if none of these examples takes your fancy, browse. You never know; you might find something new for yourself while looking for gifts for someone else!

Giving The Gift Of Vaping This Christmas: In Conclusion

If your friend or family member has switched to vaping from smoking, they have already given themselves a fabulous gift. Their health and their bank balance will thank them for the decision. As for giving vaping items for Christmas, with such an array of vaping kits, devices and e-liquids, there is much to choose from, all at great prices.

Enjoy browsing, and if you need any recommendations, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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