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​Sweet E Liquid to Make You Smile

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Hands up if you have a sweet tooth? Hands up if you have, at one time or another felt guilt because of a sweet treat you’ve eaten or something sugary that you’ve drunk? We’ve all been there. We have good news for you though! If you’re a vaper and enjoy something sweet, our sweet e liquid range could be just what you’ve been looking for.

We have a massive range of e liquids with sweet tones, some of which we’ll highlight below so that you have an idea of what kind of fabulously sweet vapour treats are awaiting you!

But First….

Before jumping into a piece about how great these e liquids are, we wanted to tell you how you can make the very most of your e juice. First of all, you need to decide what kind of base you are after. If you are looking for full, smooth and tasty, opt for high VG e liquids. These are the perfect type for those of you who are looking for big vape action. If you are looking to enjoy sub ohm vaping you would also need to start with a high V e liquid.

It might be that while you love the smooth sweetness that some of these e liquids offer that you’re also looking for more of a “hit”. By hit we mean throat hit, similar to the gravelly feeling at the back of your throat when you inhale cigarette smoke. E liquids with PG in them are perfect for this kind of experience and generally speaking offer a clarity of flavour which makes it hard to distinguish between our expertly mixed e liquids and the real life flavours that they mirror. This article on the differences and benefits of PG and VG e liquids might help you make the right choice for you.

As well as looking at the base type of e liquid you need to think about what device you will use and what nicotine strength is best for you. If you’ve just switched over from tobacco smoking don’t go too high on the nicotine strength level. Make sure that at most you match it with what you are used to when smoking tobacco cigarettes or go a little lower. Too much nicotine at once can make you feel quite sick, headachy and dizzy.

These are all good points to bear in mind if you want to get the very best out of your sweet treat e liquids.

Sweet E Liquid From Go Smoke Free

Here at Go Smoke Free we have a fair few sweet-toothed vapers and we know that there are many of you out there who will love our extensive sweet offer. Whether you are looking for luxurious roll-over the tongue chocolate flavours, caramel tones, sweet and creamy milkshakes or something else, we have plenty for you to enjoy.

Fruity E Liquids With a Fruity Twist

Most people think of fruit flavours as generally being quite sour or tart, and they can be. Many fruits do have a sweeter side though, and our expert mixologists work hard to make sure that they amplify every flavour strand and every undertone, no matter how subtle, in order to give you vaping enjoyment you deserve. It would be impossible to pick just one fruity e liquid out of the number we have on offer, and we don’t like to pick favourites. Instead we suggest that you look at our fruity e liquids and use the filters to locate the right e liquid or eliquids for you.

Your Favourite Sweet Treats & Dessert Flavoured E Liquids

Apple pie, ice cream, Eton mess, cookies and cream, you name, these are all e liquid flavours that will really have your taste buds jumping for joy. When it comes down to it we have to remember that these e liquids are calorie free so really, it would be rude not to try at least a few of them out, wouldn’t it?

Again, we don’t like to pick favourites but one of the most popular e liquid flavours with our customers at the moment is our OMG Banoffee Pie e liquid. Crumbly base tones, sweet banana, creamy tones and toffee all merge together to create a truly moreish tasting e juice that is perfect for those times when you crave a sweet treat.


Drinks Flavoured E Liquids For Sweet Toothed Vapers

Sometimes all you need is a sweet drink flavour e liquids to tick your enjoyment boxes. Here at Go Smoke Free we have some amazing drink e liquids, from smooth and creamy milkshakes to soda drink flavours and beyond, there is something here for everyone to choose from!

Sweet E Liquid in Conclusion

There’s a reason why these types of e liquids tickle the fancy of so many vapers and that is because they offer up so much pleasure. More than that, it allows self-confessed sweet treat addicts a chance to enjoy their favourite sugary treats, desserts, drinks and more without any guilt. No diets are spoilt when vaping an apple pie flavoured e liquid and there’s no brain freeze when you enjoy a raspberry ripple ice cream type of e liquid.

Provided you choose a good quality e liquid, and of course we only allow the very best on our shelves, you will be good to go. Which one of our many fabulous sweet e liquids will you put in your basket first?

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