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Vaping Techniques

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Vaping is one of those things that can be incredibly easy to get started with. When switching from smoking to vaping you can pick up a starter kit and basically just plug and play. This really is one of the easiest new hobbies to start and to gain enjoyment from. You can, of course, just get by with simple tech. It pays to know however that there are different ways to use your e cigarette and to vape in order to create different vaping experiences. These top tips on vaping techniques is a great starting point to help you get from basic (yet highly enjoyable) to more advanced vaping that is customised to your individual needs. 

Vaping Techniques For New Vapers 


While vaping might seem to the outsider to be exactly like smoking a tobacco cigarette there are a number of differences, not least the fact that you’ve switched from a harmful tobacco cigarette to an e liquid filled e cigarette that has the backing of the Public Health England. As well as the differences to your health, there are a number of other points to consider, from the change in jargon to the way you inhale e liquid vapour. Keep reading for some tried and tested ideas aimed at helping you with perfecting your vaping technique for optimum enjoyment. 

Hold Your Horses

When you lit up a tobacco cigarette you were straight in there, puffing away enthusiastically, making sure that you’d got your money’s worth before your cig burned down to nothing. Many ex-smokers take this quick drag/draw habit with them when they switch to vaping. While in theory there is nothing wrong with this you will do so much better if you give the tank time to warm up (just a few seconds, five at most). Holding your horses and being patient means that your atomizer and e liquid has a chance to heat up properly. On top of this, practice making longer, slower draws on the e cigarette. This enables you to enjoy the full flavoured vapour effectively. 

Place Your E Cigarette Correctly

For whatever reason, some people seem to think that you need to hold your e cigarette from the front of your mouth, i.e. take a draw from a puckered up position. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A top vaping techniques tip is to vape from the side of your mouth. Go in from the side because it is easiest but also because when you take a draw the flavoured e liquids has the opportunity to drift and roll over your taste buds. This gives you the chance to enjoy some seriously good flavours at their best. Also, it just looks cooler (if that matters). 

Hold It….. 

Don’t immediately assume that quick draws and straight to lung vaping is the only way to vape. Instead hold the flavoured vapour in your mouth for a second or three before inhaling fully. This is one of those vaping techniques that will take some practice but in doing this you will be able to truly savour the flavours of your e liquids more fully. Give it a try. 

Get a Grip 

As vaping is the natural next step or favourite alternative for smokers looking to hang up their lighters and matches it stands to reason that new vapers would hold their e cigarette like they did a tobacco cigarette. It is more comfortable and easier to hold your e cig between your index finger and your thumb. This is one one those vaping techniques you need to practice a few times but we’re confident that you’ll appreciate the difference. 

Use Your Nose 

Bear with us on this one. Did you know that if you exhale i.e. breathe or let out your vapour via your nose is not only “a thing” but a highly pleasurable one? Ok, you may resemble a dragon but apparently experts have found that the membranes in the nostrils are best at absorbing vapour. Give it a try and see what you think by taking a draw on your e cigarette, holding it (and savouring it) in your mouth before inhaling into your lungs and exhaling out through your nose. Let us know how you find it. 

More Vaping Techniques For Maximum Pleasure 

All vapers inhale and exhale differently. Some vape more often than others, taking shorter and more frequent draws while others inhale less frequently but for longer. We want you to try something a little different. In order to gain maximum enjoyment benefits try a new rhythm; two shorter inhales and one long slow one, then repeat. The shorter blasts “prepare” the lungs for a most intense slow inhale. We’ve tried this and find it very pleasurable. What do you think? 

New Techniques New Device

These are all little snippets, small changes that you can make to boost your vaping enjoyment. The next step is to put these into practice with a new type of device. Starter kits are brilliant and get the job done but many people feel ready to “graduate” to something a little more advanced after a while. Look at a box mod or perhaps sub ohm vaping as opposed to a vape pen if you want to really road test these new vaping techniques out. 

Vaping Techniques: In Summary 

These are just a few points to consider, a few top tips. The vaping community as a whole is hugely supportive of each other and there will be many more tips like these out there (just make sure that whatever tweaks you make are safe and don’t sway you away from modifying your device without a proper understanding of the power implications). Enjoy a whole range of e liquids, go mad for nose exhales and mix it up with a new device if that takes your fancy. Vaping is all about your enjoyment after all!

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