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What is Nicotine Salt?

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When vaping there are a few keywords that you hear and quickly become accustomed to, like e juice, sub ohm vaping and so on. A new term to acquaint yourself with is nicotine salt as its use has become increasingly popular and more so every day.

What’s the Big Deal?

In basic terms nicotine salt is most often enjoyed by vapers who have moved over from tobacco smoking and are looking to capture a more like for like experience. Nicotine salt is the type or form of nicotine found in tobacco cigarettes, Vapers find using nicotine salt e liquid highly satisfying. It is also known to be less harsh than off the shelf nicotine which means vapers inhale it easier and enjoy more nicotine on average per draw.

Why So Popular? Nicotine Salt, despite being smoother is available at much higher nicotine strengths which is why it surprises people by not being hard on the throat, certainly less harsh than other nicotine e liquids can be. The use of nicotine salt in the USA has been massive and is clearly making its way over to us here in the UK. As well as standalone e liquids many are enjoying nicotine salts as part of the other latest big thing, pod vaping.

The timing is difficult of course as governments and health groups are looking to continue to restrict nicotine levels when nicotine salt is all about a stronger nicotine level with a bigger hit.

When it comes to explaining what nicotine salt is exactly you need to get fairly technical, or rather scientific. In very basic terms you find nicotine in tobacco leaves where it occurs naturally. Normally e liquid grade nicotine is created by chemically altering the organic compounds that pure nicotine leaf bonds itself to in the tobacco leaf. Nicotine salt is the purer version.

Many have asked if nicotine salt is safe which is a valid question. There is nothing to show that it is unsafe in any way. Testing is ongoing however few have concerns.

Looking Forward

If you are someone looking for more nicotine and a smoother vape, a low-temp vape and to amplify your nicotine enjoyment this is something to try. You never know, you might even like it! Being so much like the strength/type of nicotine found in tobacco cigarettes nicotine salt could certainly encourage more smokers to move over to vaping in order be healthier yet still enjoy the hit they are use to.

It’s clear to see why nicotine is proving to be so popular!

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