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​Open For Business & Why That is Important News

​Open For Business & Why That is Important News

29th Apr 2020

With so many new rules around what you can do, what you can buy and what shops and services are still open for business, it can hard to keep track. Online vaping businesses such as ours are most definitely open for business and are very busy. This is very important for many reasons both now, during the Covid-19 lockdown and beyond.

Supporting the Economy


Anyone who can continue to work, to trade and to offer services should do, as long as they can do so safely and while following government rules. Working on your business is not a bad thing, indeed it is a great way to ensure that you will be around to serve your customers in the future. It also feeds back into the local and national economy. Here at Go Smoke Free, we are working very hard to ensure that we do what we can to keep the British business wheels turning.

Behind The Scenes: Keeping Our Staff Safe

All businesses are set up to make a profit, that’s the way that business works. At Go Smoke Free we too feel warm and fuzzy when someone buys our products but that isn’t the be-all and end-all. We have many employees from new individuals to whole families who work for us, some for many years. Our employees are important to us. We are working very hard to ensure that, as always, our working environments are as safe as possible. We’ve considered personal working requests and individual circumstances carefully to ensure that those who are shielded are kept safe and that everyone else’s health and wellbeing is prioritised.

Why is this important? We wouldn’t want to buy from businesses who can’t do the right thing by their staff in times like this and we don’t expect you to either. Our employees are happy to still be working and earning but the current working situation here would, of course, be changed if necessary to protect them. Right now though we are busy and all are happy to be cracking on.

Ensuring that Vapers Don’t Start Smoking Again

Asides from supporting the economy, keeping staff in jobs and keeping vaping businesses going, vaping retailers are helping to stop people returning to smoking.

Smoking is incredibly harmful to health which is why the vast majority of vapers were smokers first and switched over to look for a healthier alternative. Deciding to give up smoking is one thing. Doing it is another. When giving up smoking you are fighting a battle on several fronts. The most obvious issue is nicotine withdrawal. Found in all tobacco cigarettes nicotine is known to have addictive properties. Unlike with e liquids which can contain various nicotine strength, all the way down to zero nicotine e liquidszero nicotine e liquids, all tobacco cigarettes contain roughly the same amount.

Nicotine withdrawal isn’t the only thing that makes it hard to give up smoking. Your body gets used to the other (numerous and harmful) chemicals found in cigarettes. Physically you form numerous habits when smoking cigarettes; the hand to mouth action, having something in your hand and the inhale/exhale action. These repetitive actions are something that you get used to. On top of this, a smoker will be used to the relaxation that smoking can offer as well as the social aspect.

When giving up smoking there are a lot of hurdles to jump over. This is why vaping is so important. Using an e cigarette and e liquids enable smokers to walk away from all that is harmful about smoking and enjoy a significantly cleaner hobby. The reason that it is essential for vaping retailers to remain going is that without access to e cigarettes and other necessary vaping items a smoker is much more likely to slip back into their previous smoking habit. This not only damages their health in the short and long term, but it will also harm the NHS. Smoking-related illnesses and diseases use a considerable amount of healthcare resources to treat and/or manage.

Given that we are all very mindful of our health right now it is more important than ever to do all that we can to stay healthy. This means not going back to smoking once you’ve given up or switched to vaping.

As an aside, going back to smoking is also known to be significantly more expensive than vaping. With so many counting their pennies carefully at the moment it's important to not fall back into an expensive habit which is going to harm your already stretched budget.

Vaping Retailers Are Open For Business But Be Patient

Thankfully, here at Go Smoke Free, we have been able to work with our suppliers to ensure that there is a wide variety of stock and more than enough of it available for all of our customers. Things are very stable in that way right now but it’s worth mentioning that things change regularly. We all have to adhere to the Government rules and regulations during the Covid-19 crisis. As you may already know, couriers and Royal Mail have been swamped with extra deliveries with many businesses being closed and high street shoppers moving online for convenient and safe shopping.

Those making deliveries also have to adhere to rules regarding social distancing which includes in many cases only one person per van. In addition to this, there will be staff shortages amongst the delivery teams too, due to shielding, self-isolation and of course, staff having to be with their children. With this in mind please remember that there are bound to be some delays when it comes to receiving your vaping delivery. Give it a few extra days before you contact us and make sure that you order in good time so that you are not left without your much-needed vaping supplies.

We’re sure that the strain on delivery drivers and Royal Mail will start to ease off once we’ve got on top of the Coronavirus but in the meantime please be patient. We understand how important your delivery is and we are dispatching on this end as quickly as possible. That said, we like to think that what we offer at Go Smoke Free is worth waiting for.

In Conclusion

The fact that online vaping retailers especially are still open for business is great news for many, primarily vapers. The last thing that anyone needs is to be without their favourite flavoured vapour and calming hobby during what has got to be one of the most stressful periods that many have imagined.

Supporting vaping retailers supports their employees, their suppliers and everyone else who relies on them to keep the lights on.

Above all, the health of all vapers is safeguarded to an extent because they are still able to enjoy their vaping hobby. This enables them to beat the cravings that they would have for smoking if the ability to vape was unavailable or severely restricted.

Stay safe and well.

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