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Second Hand Vaping is Harmless

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For a long time there has been a question mark over the safety of vaping in terms of whether the vapour an e cigarette produces can be harmful to passive vapers. A passive vaper is someone who inadvertently breathes in flavoured vapour produced by an e liquid, despite not being a vaper themselves. Yet another study has been released which confirms that second hand vaping is harmless.

The Passive Vaping and Passive Smoking Confusion

Some of the confusion surrounding second hand vapour stems from a lack of true understanding about vaping and once again vaping and smoking been considered very similar. Smoking and vaping are very different creatures! Vaping is an enjoyable hobby where flavoured e liquids containing a base (a mix of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol), water, flavourings and if required, nicotine (nicotine free e liquids are available). Vapour is produced which can be inhaled/exhaled via an e cigarette which heats the e liquid.

Smoking involves the burning of chemical-filled tobacco and breathing in the toxic smoke (toxic as confirmed by the World Health Organisation). Quite the difference.

As you can see, vaping and smoking are not as similar as you might have originally thought. Smoking has been proven beyond any doubt to be extremely harmful to health, both for smokers and those who breathe in tobacco smoke that they come into without wanting to. The dangers of passive smoking went a long way towards the implementation of the Go Smoke Free legislation of 2007, which banned public smoking in many places, and the later addition which has made it illegal to smoke in a car with minors. Vaping, on the other hand, has been proven to not be dangerous to others.

The Study and Some Vaping Home Truths

A recent study from the United State’s California Department of Public Health shows that, as expected, second hand vapour is harmless to vapers. Researchers ran comprehensive tests on the air inside vaping shops, a place where there is generally a lot of vaping going on, a lot of vapour and not a massive amount of ventilation (as compared to the amount of vapour). This environment provided a kind of worse case scenario for the testing so when the results came up clean it showed once again that second hand vapour is harmless. None of the chemical, twenty in total, were present. This study once again shows that vaping is as far away from smoking as it can be, while offering a healthier alternative for the smoker.

This study solidifies the stance that Public Health England have made here in the UK. Last year, Public Health England (PHE) released their much-awaited vaping review, in which they confirmed findings that vaping is at least ninety five percent les harmful than smoking. We expect the “at least” part of the equation to disappear and vaping be classed as 100% less harmful, once studies have been continued over a longer period of time.

Not only have PHE, supported by many scientists, researchers, NHS professional, health experts (and more), advertise their findings about vaping being healthier, they have proactively worked, and continue to work, to make vaping more accessible, are looking to see e cigarettes recognised as official medical cessation devices and have made it very clear that they support smokers in moving over to vaping in order to ditch their harmful previous habit and enjoy a healthier life.

Second Hand Vaping is Indeed Safe: Now What?

We’ve established that vaping is safe and that there is no danger from passive vapour to no-vapers. Now we, vapers, retailers and indeed anyone involved in the vaping industry or public health world need to continue to dispel the vaping myths. The more people understand about what are in e liquids, how e cigarettes work and the difference between vaping and smoking, the more likely smokers are to switch over. The more the merrier as far as we are concerned because the more people vape the fewer people will smoke. The fewer people who smoke the better the health of the nature will be in general, the less straight there will be on the NHS and the environmental costs associated with smoking will lessen.

What Can You Do to Help?

Spread the word! Direct people to blog posts like these, to information from the Public Health England website and more.

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