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Vaping Lockdown Top Tips

Vaping Lockdown Top Tips

28th Mar 2020

Covid-19 or Coronavirus as it is still commonly referred to has changed lives in ways we could never have expected. First, initial reports about Coronavirus were coming out of China, then came lock down news from Italy. Things swiftly progressed to our UK schools and businesses being temporarily (hopefully) shut down, events being cancelled and now the UK is too on lock down. With so many workplaces closed, people isolating due to health issues/being vulnerable and all non-essential trips out of the house being disallowed, there are many people at home. Some are working from home, some are not. Between physical vape shops being closed and people being at home more, we look at vaping lock down tips to keep you vaping, occupied and happy during these fraught times.

Why Are Vaping Lockdown Top Tips Important?

In the grand scheme of things right now, an article about making sure you get the most out of your vaping experience might seem a little trivial. On the other hand, maybe not. The majority of today’s vapers were originally tobacco cigarette smokers. This means that they replaced their smoking habit with the significantly less harmful vaping hobby. If for whatever reason, their access to vaping is removed, it stands to reason that many could be at risk of slipping backwards and starting to smoking again. Physical vaping stores may be closed but supermarkets with tobacco cigarettes in, are not. It is more important than ever to ensure that everyone has access to e juice and vaping kit.

Running out of vaping gear will also leave you bored, irritable and upset, something you really don’t want to add to the situation of being in isolation and away from your normal pre-Covid work, home and social routines. That is why this is important.

Make Sure You Stock Up

As before, with physical vape shops closing, we are finding that our customer base has more than doubled in a short amount of time. People are generally buying more than they normally would because they are vaping more than they usually would, and of course, people are stocking up. If you are stockpiling toilet rolls and baked beans from local supermarkets, you should stop and give your head a shake. Stocking up on vaping supplies is, however, absolutely ok. Right now our supply lines are running fine, as is delivery. There may be some slight delays due to the unprecedented demand but there is enough stock. Do be aware, however, that things in the UK, and globally, are changing daily. Supply might get interrupted at some point, therefore, it is worth making sure you have enough e liquids and anything else you need in stocked up in advance.

Make Sure Your Maintain Your Devices

It is as important than ever to make sure that you are looking after your e cigarettes. Clean your tech regularly and ensure that you keep an eye on the amount of e liquid in your tank (it is never a good time for a burnt coil). If you are at home more than you would normally be the chances are that you will be vaping more. This means that your batteries will likely need to be charged more often. Even though you might be refilling more often still keep your vaping kit out of reach and sight of children and pets, even if it means going to your lockbox or vaping cupboard more often.

Have a Good Vaping Kit Clear Out

If you have a little more time on your hands than usual now would be a good time to clear out your vaping kit and supplies. Check for any e liquids that have been left open (or with loosely closed lids), discoloured e liquids or anything you bought but didn’t like but then shoved at the back of your cupboard. E liquids don’t necessarily go out of date but may be past their date if open and left for a long time. Oxidation occurs when e juice bottles are exposed to heat/strong light and of course if their lids aren’t tight. This makes the e liquid stronger. Sometimes this isn’t a bad thing, sometimes it can make them quite bitter and unpleasant.

The chances are you have other bits of vaping kit hanging around. Check chargers to make sure that cables are good, discard immediately any batteries you feel might be damaged, check spare tanks for cracks and do an inventory of what you do have in.

Try Something New

This could be a good time to try something new. If you’re already a high VG vaper and enjoy big vape clouds perhaps you could go one step further and look at sub-ohm vaping. If you are someone who always uses the same types or flavours of vaping liquid, again, this is the time to experiment.

Having extra time on your hands can be a blessing in disguise if you’ve wanted to try your hand at exploring the world of vaping rebuildables. Could you build your own coils? Now is the time to find out.

Learn More About Vaping

Getting started with vaping couldn’t be easier. With plug and play basic starter kits and now vaping pods, very little knowledge about the fundamentals of vaping is needed. This could be the ideal opportunity to boost your knowledge about the kit, the different ways to vape, top tips, global vaping news and more. You could come out of lockdown with a whole new set of vaping -related skills, who knows? This is also a good time to connect with other vapers. There are many forums and vaping blog posts where you can ask questions, share experiences, read reviews and so on.

Teach Yourself Some Vaping Tricks

Ever fancied learning to blow vape cloud rings? Have a look on YouTube for some great tutorials on making shapes with vapour, blowing rings through rings and more. This is a great fun way to pass the time if you’ve time to spare. Who knows? If you get good enough you could maybe join some of the vape cloud championships that have started popping up, once we’ve seen Covid-19 off.

Vaping Hygiene During (And After) Coronavirus

It is, of course, always important to keep your vaping kit clean and well looked after. During these strange times, it is more important than ever to keep things hygienic.

  • Make sure that you avoid touching your face and/or mouth when vaping. Wash your hands properly with soap or use suitable antibacterial gel/liquid before and after vaping.
  • Clean your tank thoroughly and by running hot water through it and clean your coils with rubbing alcohol (when appropriate).
  • Clean the outside of your ecig carefully and regularly.
  • Ensure you keep your mouthpiece properly clean.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, share your e cigarette with anyone else.
  • Generally adopt a “the cleaner, the better” outlook. This will serve you well in terms of vaping enjoyment too as a clean and well-maintained e cigarette will always produce better vapour and function better.

In Conclusion

Of course, what the front-line health workers, our NHS workers, carers and those continuing to offer key services are having to deal with makes running out of your favourite e liquid seem trivial at best. Trust us, we understand as much as anyone and are enormously proud of the NHS workers who are doing such a brilliant job. That said, experts are telling us to keep as many of our routines going as possible, to look after ourselves physically and of course mentally. With such big changes and being isolated in ways that we’ve never been before, there is no reason to make things any harder for ourselves. If practising blowing vape rings or trying new flavours make you happy, helps keep you occupied and gets you through a tough time, we don’t think that there is anything wrong with that.

Take care all and do all that you can to keep yourselves and others safe and well.

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