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Christmas is now in sight and that means Christmas shopping. Instead of socks and chocolates, why not think about giving the gift of vaping?What we don’t suggest you do here is turn up on Christmas Eve and surprise a smoker who has never considered vaping with an e cigarette. That could come across as a little passive-aggressive, to say the least. If someone has expressed an interest or is already a vaper, vaping accessories, flavoured e liquids… Read more
There are many items which are considered traditional gifts. Socks, books, perfume, chocolate and so on. Is it just us who feels that gift-giving has become somewhat monotonous? Why not choose a vaping gift for your partner, siblings, friends or parents? It would certainly show that you’ve really thought about what you’ve chosen, rather than having just picked something like a bottle or red or flowers up quickly on the way home from work or simil… Read more

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