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If you are someone who enjoys the great outdoors, be that a daily stroll or something more arduous such as hiking, you need to think carefully about what e cigarette you take with you. There are numerous e cigarette devices on the market these days, all great in their own way and all offering something different. The beauty of vaping is that you may now choose what works best for you and customise the vaping experience to your individual needs. W… Read more
Vaping has become incredibly popular over the past decade and as more and more research has been done. We are finding that an increased number of official voices are now happy to advocate for e cigarette use. Public Health England, for example, last year (May 2018) announced findings that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarette smoking. On the flip side of this we also see a lot of negative press around vaping (who doesn’t love… Read more
Vaping is different from the new, exciting or new and weird hobby it was once considered to be (depending on your outlook). Vaping has existed long enough for people to recognise it as a beneficial alternative to tobacco smoking. Not only is it healthier, and more on that shortly, it is now so easy to access with vaping shops and convenience stores stocking vapes everywhere. We look at why vaping shops and websites that offer advice, dedicated va… Read more
Public Health England have become quite the knight in shining armour where vaping is concerned over the past year or so. While the vaping community, researchers, charity groups and more all accept smoking as bad and vaping as much better some of the general public tend to be a little harder to convince sometimes. Public Health England (PHE) have been working to dispel the myths surrounding vaping and encourage more individuals to ditch smoki… Read more

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