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Choose The Best E Cigarette For Outdoor Vaping

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If you are someone who enjoys the great outdoors, be that a daily stroll or something more arduous such as hiking, you need to think carefully about what e cigarette you take with you. There are numerous e cigarette devices on the market these days, all great in their own way and all offering something different. The beauty of vaping is that you may now choose what works best for you and customise the vaping experience to your individual needs. We help with that by looking at how to choose the best e cigarette for outdoor vaping.

E Cigarette Features to Look For When Outdoor Vaping

When searching for the perfect outdoor ecig there are numerous different factors to consider. As vaping is so well established these days e cigarette devices vary widely from the very basic plug and play models to pods and then at the other end of the spectrum much more advanced kit.

Choose Your Battery Wisely

When planning on vaping outside the home or “properly” outside, i.e. when out walking or climbing, it makes sense to look for a battery with a good capacity. On top of this, you need to ensure that it is a quality battery which will last for a decent length of time, particularly if you are going to be away from a charger for quite a while.

When vaping at a higher wattage it stands to reason that the battery will run down quicker. It may, especially if you away for a decent length of time, be worth choosing a device that allows you to enjoy low wattage vaping in order to preserve the battery life.

These tips can help but regardless of how careful you are with your battery use, they will run out of charge eventually. If you are someone whose lifestyle includes several days out and about at once, perhaps a whole weekend, consider external batteries. When you use an e cigarette with external batteries it is easier to carry pre-charged spares with you in a case or similar to change over if and when necessary.

If you love your e cigarette with an internal battery and don’t want to change it but find battery life an issue it might be worth looking into a portable power bank which you can use when needed.

Look For A Good Drip Tip Cover

If you want to enjoy a decent vape on the go you need to make sure your ecig is taken care of. Mud, dust and dirt will clog the e cigarette if you’re not careful. Silicone caps can be bought very cheaply to cover your drip tips. Look out for a model with a magnetic trip tip cap if you are frequently vaping outdoors in more extreme weathers and environments.

Keep Your Eyes Open For Eco Mode

More and more e cigarettes, usually the more advanced models with numerous features, have an ECO mode. This is something that you use as and when needed but not all the time. It enables you to keep vaping while using less battery power but of course, it means you aren’t firing on full power cylinders so the vape won’t be as powerful. This isn’t a perfect fix but having the option to switch to ECO mode will keep your e cig going that little bit longer which is perfect when away from reliable charging points. It’s certainly better than losing battery charge and being unable to vape at all.

Choose an E Cig Built For Outdoor Life

If hiking, climbing and vigorous outdoor pursuits are your things, ensure you choose an e cigarette that is fairly robust. The last thing you want to happen is to be far from home and crack your tank or damage the outer casing of the ecig. Look for a tank that is well-protected within the e cig device and overall choose a device that is sturdy, won’t scratch easily, that has a good grip and that can withstand the weather and rigours of the activities you will be doing. It also makes sense to keep your e cig in case when not in use.

Use a Lanyard And Be Hands-Free

If your outdoor adventures feature climbing, running and so on, there’s a good chance that an e cigarette in your pocket is going to get broken if not protected. Many people choose a lanyard to prevent this. This means your e cigarette is right there and ready to use while also not being squashed into a pocket where it is likely to get bashed.

In Conclusion

If you live a particularly active life and spend a lot of time outdoors it makes sense to choose an e cigarette that can withstand the physical activity and exposure to bad weather. While no e cigarette is completely weather or accident safe, by proactively choosing a model that is best suited to the outdoor vaping you’ll be doing you will likely enjoy uninterrupted vaping and avoid costly unnecessary replacements. 

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