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Vaping is not the new, exciting or new and weird hobby it was once considered to be (depending on your outlook). Vaping has now been around long enough for people to recognise it as being the beneficial alternative to tobacco smoking. Not only is it healthier, and more on that shortly, it is now so easy to access with vaping shops popping up all over. We look at why vaping shops, and vaping websites that offer advice, dedicated vaping blog p… Read more
Many people have Made New Year Resolution that includes giving up smoking. It makes sense; smoking is bad for your health and your wallet. Given the amount of time and money the government have put into public health campaigns it’s great to see that so many people have chosen to ditch the habit for good, some entirely, some deciding to move over to the cleaner and healthier vaping alternative. I was a surprise however to hear that Philip Mor… Read more
News this week that academics feel that tobacco companies are using certain tactics to keep smokers smoking is hardly a surprise. Big tobacco firms are clearly feeling the squeeze! Smoking rates have dropped significantly in recent years, due to both a number of very successful campaigns, as well as the popularity of vaping as an alternative to tobacco smoking.Many believe that tobacco companies are using a number of “crafty” practices… Read more

31st Oct 2017

Smoking costs a lot. First of all there’s the fact that cigarettes have risen sharply in cost in recent years. We’re well aware of the costs to health of smoking, both personally and to the NHS. Have you consider however the cost of smoking on the environment?Keep Britain Tidy, the UK environmental organisation, have stated that of all the rubbish types in the UK it’s the cigarette butt that’s making the most mess, being the most littered item in… Read more

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