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​Quit Smoking New Year's Resolution? E Cigarettes Could Help!

4th Jan 2018

Smoking is bad for you, a fact that is well known which is why, alongside losing weight and taking up exercise, quitting smoking is one of the most popular New Year Resolutions. If you want to really ditch the tobacco this year, e cigarettes might be just what you’re looking for.

Why Quit Smoking

There is a long list of reasons for quitting smoking, including a list of chemicals found within tobacco cigarettes which have been classified by WHO (the World Health Organisation) as being both toxic and potentially cancer-causing. The links between smoking and stroke, heart disease and more have been proven beyond doubt thanks to numerous studies and much research over the years. Added to this the fact that smoking is considered fairly anti-social these days (thanks to the Go Smoke Free legislation that went live in 2007), that it is an increasingly expensive habit thanks to annual government price hikes, and the way that smoking damages the environment, we’d say that there are many reasons to quit smoking.

How May Vaping Help?

There are many reasons why quitting smoking is so difficult. The nicotine content in cigarettes is one of these reasons, being an addictive substance, however there are many more. Studies have indicated that smokers also become addicted to the other chemicals found within cigarettes. While these aren’t, strictly speaking, known to be addictive the body does get used to having them around.

The physical act of smoking is also something that is difficult to walk away from. The hand to mouth action, the comfort that many get from smoking and the social aspect makes quitting smoking difficult. That and the fact that despite health concerns, some people just don’t want to give up a habit they enjoy.

Vaping may help with all of this. Using an e cigarette replaces the physical sensation of having something in your hand, taking a draw instead of a drag, and is something people still do together socially. Vaping offers many who have switched over from smoking a valid alternative to tobacco cigarettes but without the nasties.

In addition to this, e liquids used within an e cigarette to create a flavoured vapour which is inhaled may also contain nicotine. This means that when switching over to vaping from smoking you don’t need to go cold turkey on the nicotine front. The difference between the nicotine found within a cigarette and an e cigarette is that with an e cig you control how much nicotine you use. E liquids contain nicotine in varying strengths so that you may step down your usage gradually, all the way down to nil. There are a great number of zero nicotine e liquids available so that you may vape nicotine free if wished.

Vaping is a brilliant alternative to smoking, offering all that people consider to be good about it (enjoyability and relaxation) without the associated health damage!

Vaping Advocates

Don’t take our word for it. There are a great number of individuals, agencies, charities and even NHS groups who advocate for the use of e cigarettes as a valid cessation tool, helping smokers give up harmful tobacco smoking for good. Cancer Research UK are one such charity and Public Health England are another. Public Health England (PHE) are the government group responsible for the implementation of the Go Smoke Free legislation that went live in July 2007 and has been responsible for the smoking bans in and around public places, including cafes, pubs, public venues, on public transport, at work and more. It was heartening, given their pro-health and anti-smoking sentiment to see PHE list e cigarettes and vaping as a valid and useful cessation device/option in their Stoptober materials last year.


If you are serious about giving up smoking, well done you! It isn’t easy however the benefits far outweigh the work that goes into giving up a habit. Switching from smoking to vaping makes giving up smoking so much easier and has helped to support numerous people quit for good, many of whom have failed to quit using other cessation methods in the past.

Getting started with vaping is very easy, as with a basic starter kit and a few e liquids (which even come in various tobacco flavours) you have all that you need to put away the tobacco cigarettes once and for all.

Good luck!

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