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Don't Give Up Smoking On January 1st

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Don’t give up smoking on January 1st? That might seem like an odd title. Surely there is no bad time to give up smoking? We agree if you are someone who doesn’t fall into the New Year Resolution trap. More on this below. Whether you are giving up smoking cold turkey, through other supported means or are switching to vaping, make sure you set yourself up for success, not failure.

Why Give Up Smoking


Why give up smoking at all if it is something that you enjoy? There is a long answer to this and a short one. The short answer is that it could kill you. Dramatic but nevertheless very true. The World Health Organisation has been very clear about how damaging smoking is. It can cause a number of ailments and diseases, not least cancer. The bottom line here is that smoking tobacco cigarettes can and does cause premature death.

The health issues surrounding smoking are of course the main reason to stop buying tobacco cigarettes. There are others though including the cost. Cigarettes are incredibly expensive and offer little in terms of return on investment. You buy them and they literally go up in smoke. You can’t reuse them, you need to buy another pack. With a packet of twenty tobacco cigarettes costing around £10, it is clear how the monetary cost of smoking can be high!

Other benefits include enjoying a new hobby, i.e. vaping if you choose that option, the benefits to the environment (Keep Britain Tidy have much to say about the amount of cigarette-related litter and how long it takes a cigarette butt to decompose) and protecting others. By protecting others we mean not being party to passive smoking. It has been proven that smoking around non-smokers can be as dangerous to them as if they were smoking themselves. This is partly why the Go Smoke Free legislation of 2007 was pushed through so easily and saw smoking bans at work, in many buildings such as cafes and pubs as well as on public transport. All good reasons to give up smoking by switching to vaping or choosing to go cold turkey.

The New Year Resolution Trap

We know that smoking is bad news. Surely giving up then is good news? Of course, it is. We just don’t want you to fall into the New Year Resolution Trap. You may not have heard this term before but we’re pretty sure you’ve experienced it or know someone who has. Every year people decide to change their lives on the first day of a new year. They set themselves goals. Popular goals are giving up smoking, losing weight, going to the gym more and so on. The problem is the pressure that a New Year Resolution places on you.

Many people give up their new year goals by mid-January. The reason for this is that it is simply too much pressure. Choosing a specific date because everyone else has doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the right date for you.

Why Vaping is Beneficial To Would-Be Ex-Smokers

Anyone who has smoked and given up or tried to give up will tell you that it is incredibly difficult. It often takes more than willpower to quit successfully, despite what many might think. When giving up tobacco cigarettes you fight a battle on many sides. Nicotine withdrawal is just one aspect that makes giving up smoking hard. Studies have shown that the physical habits, such as having something in your hand, the inhale/exhale action, the relaxation that it causes and more are all hard habits to kick too.

On paper, it sounds almost impossible to give up but that isn’t true. There are many tools to help you quit but one which has proven very successful in recent years is the e cigarette. Not only will switching to vaping cost you much less in the long-run, but it also helps you walk away from the harmful effects of chemical-filled cigarettes. As e cigarettes help replace the physical aspects of smoking such as the hand to mouth aspect this lessens the amount of pleasure that the smoker is giving up.

Nicotine is a big issue for many which is again why vaping can be a great tool for those looking to give up. When you switch from smoking to vaping you can leave the nasty toxins behind but still enjoy nicotine within the e liquids that are heated to produce the flavoured vapour that is inhaled and exhaled. Choose a nicotine level that is the same as you are used to in order to minimise or eradicate the craving which sends so many back to smoking. Whether you quit on 1st January or another date, you can choose a nicotine level to suit you and reduce this over time down to no nicotine. Many vapers choose zero nicotine e liquids and thoroughly enjoy them.

Clearly, switching to an e cigarette is by far the cleanest alternative to smoke and one which has been hailed by Public Health England as being at least 95% less harmful than smoking. Success rates for smoking cessation when e cigarettes have been used have led to PHE lobbying the government to allow easier access to e cigarettes and e liquids by recognising e cigs as medical devices so that they can be given out on prescription.

Support For Giving Up Smoking

If you need extra support when giving up smoking, even if you do opt to switch to vaping, there is plenty out there. From Stoptober groups to accountability pages online or classes in the real world, there is much support available. You can still use an e cigarette and utilise NHS Stop Smoking Services. If you really want to walk away from smoking and need support, just ask. The vaping community is incredibly welcoming.

In Summary

Don’t get us wrong. If giving up smoking cold-turkey, using Nicotine Replacement Therapy or switching to vaping on the first of January is something that works for you, go for it! We wish you all the very best of luck. Giving up smoking is not easy but the benefits are vast. If you are someone who has embraced the New Year Resolution track in the past and been successful, go for it! Otherwise, maybe choose another date where there is less pressure. 

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