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​Winter E Liquids

​Winter E Liquids

19th Nov 2018

One of the many fabulous aspects of vaping is that you may choose from a wide range of flavours and switch and change whenever you like. If you are into seasonal tastes, for example, simply load up your e-cigarette with whatever you fancy, which reminds you of autumn and winter, and you are away!

Many vapers say that flavours and aromas have a nostalgic feel (there is a proven link between smell and memory), packed with fond feelings and great traditions from previous winter memories.

Our Most Wonderful Winter E-Liquid Flavours

Here at Go Smoke-Free, we love all things Winter Wonderland! So, we have compiled some of our most delectable e-liquid flavours for you to vape during the colder months!

Chocolate Flavours

You can enjoy chocolate’s smooth, creamy taste in a vaping liquid. Take a look at the Milk King Chocolate E-Liquid too.

Chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate milkshakes, and more. The Element Tobacconist and their remarkably satisfying chocolate tobacco short-fill e-liquid is an excellent choice.

You are in the right place if you want a wonderfully moreish, sweet vaping liquid treat. The luxuriously sweet cocoa flavour can be mixed with or enjoyed alongside many flavours, such as mint and menthol.

Spearmint Tastes

Great for clearing the senses, menthol tones of all types become more popular than ever during the winter. Look out for any menthol-containing e-liquids described as being Malaysian-style.

These are often fruit-based flavours with menthol which offers a sweet and delicious cooling mint exhale.

Nothing yells Christmas more than a spearmint taste. From an icy blast that clears the senses to a cool exhale that leaves you invigorated, we have the mint e-liquid for you!

Tobacco Delight

Fabulously woody, warm and flavoursome flavours for you to enjoy. A firm favourite throughout the year, as well as one that offers a seasonal boost, is the RY4 tobacco e-liquid.

Caramel, tobacco, chocolate and vanilla tones mixed with a woody, aromatic taste make this a wonderful winter flavour and an e-liquid that may be enjoyed at other times of the year.

Something Spicy

If there is a sweet spice in the air, the chances are that autumn and winter are on the horizon.

If you are a fan of nutmeg, cinnamon, mixed spice and similar, many of which merge brilliantly with fruity vaping liquid tones, you are in the right place here.

For example, something about the nostalgic taste of aniseed, perhaps a throwback to sweet shops when younger, makes us think of all things good. Many find that e liquids with aniseed in them offer a warming feel and taste of the vapour.

We have many aniseed containing liquids for you to enjoy. One is an aniseed-containing flavour that flies off the shelves: our Hangsen Aniseed e-liquid.

Another is the KO Vapes High VG Red Haze which contains a heady mix of grape, red berries, aniseed, eucalyptus and icy menthol.

Citrus Fruits

The beauty of a citrus fruit tone when it comes to e liquids is that it may remind you of a sweet, fresh summer breeze or a seasonal baked orange which, as we all know, goes brilliantly with cloves and cinnamon to make a fabulously festive scent.

We have a wide range of citrus fruit e-liquids for you to enjoy.

Brilliant Warm Berries

With their sweet, dark, moreish goodness, berries are a seasonal favourite for fabulously festive things.

On their own or merged with other delicious flavours, you will be transported back to winter's past when you load up your e-cigarette with any of these fabulously flavoured berry e-liquids.

Winter Special Blends

Do you remember the Black Jack sweets you might have had when you were younger, or even Black Jack candy lollies?

The only thing you don’t get with a Black Jack e-liquid is the chance to show off a black tongue to your friends, sorry!

Our OMG Astaire e-juice is just as popular too! With a tasty combination of mixed berries, grapes, aniseed and a sweet and fresh cooling menthol ice tone, it is easy to see why so many return to stock up. Despite the menthol exhales, this e-juice offers aniseed and mixed berries, earning it a warming e-liquid tag.

The Heisenberg e-liquid is a fantastic flavour all year round. However, thanks to its mixed fruit and menthol ice combo, it offers a curiously satisfying vape over the cooler months. Don’t be fooled; this may not seem like the type of flavour combination that would pack a punch, but it does and sets your taste buds on fire!

High VG Clouds

If you want to crank up the cosy feeling via your autumn and winter vapour, we can help.

Your e-liquid comprises a base liquid(s), nicotine, and assorted flavours. These base liquids are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Both have a lot going for them, but for those looking for big vape clouds this winter, vegetable glycerin or VG is what you are looking for.

E-liquids high in vegetable glycerin offer a smoother vape and fuller vapour. High VG e-liquids usually have 60% VG or more in them and produce some imposing clouds of vapour.

These clouds are infused with your chosen flavour, which can give you that warm winter feeling all year long!

Is It Bad to Vape in the Cold?

It's critical to consider the potential effects of various ambient elements on the vaping experience as the practice becomes increasingly widespread. One query that comes up is whether vaping in the cold is bad or not.

Cold Temperature Effects on Vaping Devices

Vaping devices can be impacted when exposed to excessive cold. Shorter vaping sessions may result from the battery draining more quickly in colder conditions. Also, colder temperatures may cause e-liquid viscosity to rise, interfering with wicking and resulting in dry hits.

Coil Efficiency

The coil performance is another area that is impacted by cold temperatures. In cold weather, sub-ohm coils, frequently used to create substantial vapour clouds, may take longer to heat up. Users may not get the desired vapour output or taste intensity due to this delay, which might affect the entire vaping experience.

Issues with Condensation

Condensation can be a problem when vaping in chilly temperatures. Condensation on the vaping device may result from moving from a cool outdoor environment to a warm inside one. To avoid potential damage or equipment malfunction, it is crucial to wipe out any moisture.

Considerations for Safety

While a few minor annoyances may be associated with vaping in the cold, it is crucial to stress the significance of safety measures. To avoid any accidents, vaping equipment must be handled and stored properly. Avoid subjecting the item to sudden temperature changes or prolonged exposure to extremely cold temperatures, as this can harm the battery or other components.

Winter Vaping Tips

Vapers may encounter several difficulties and considerations as the frigid winter season draws near when using their preferred vaping equipment. E-cigarettes and vape pens may work worse in colder weather, producing less vapour and possibly having battery life problems. But even during the coldest months, you may guarantee a seamless and pleasurable vaping experience by following a few useful recommendations.

Keep Your E-Liquid Properly Stored

It's crucial to keep your e-liquid in a warm place during the winter. Extreme cold can make e-liquid thicken and lose density, impacting performance. To avoid this, keep your e-liquid bottles in a cool but not freezing environment. Avoid leaving them in a hot or cold vehicle or other similar environment.

Warm Up the Vape Equipment

Vape equipment, particularly sub-ohm tanks and coil heads might operate poorly in cold conditions. It is advised to warm up your device before vaping slightly. Rub the tank or coil between your palms, or use a low-heat hairdryer. The vape equipment will produce vapour more smoothly and consistently if warmed up.

Change the Wattage

Your device's wattage may need to be changed in the winter to account for the denser e-liquid brought on by the chilly weather. To maintain optimal vapour production, experiment with slightly higher wattages. Remember that exceeding the wattage range advised for your particular device and coil can lead to burnt or dry hits.

Protect Your Battery

Batteries tend to drain faster in cold weather, so taking precautions to preserve their lifespan is essential. Keep spare batteries warm by carrying them in an insulated case or inside a pocket close to your body. If your device has adjustable power settings, reduce the wattage slightly to extend battery life. Always use high-quality batteries and avoid exposing them to extreme cold conditions.

Choose the Right E-Liquid

In winter, flavours can be affected by colder temperatures. Some e-liquids may become muted or taste different when vaped in colder conditions. Opt for e-liquids with stronger flavour profiles to counteract this effect. A higher vegetable glycerin (VG) ratio can also enhance vapour production and prevent e-liquids from thickening excessively.

Defend Your Device Against Moisture

During the winter, your vaping equipment may be at risk from snow, rain, or high humidity levels. Use a carrying case or protective sleeve outside to keep your gadget dry. Avoid subjecting your vape equipment to sharp temperature fluctuations since moisture could collect inside the device and cause problems.

Keep Hydrated.

The dryness of the air brought on by cold weather may impact your throat and make vaping uncomfortable. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and stop any dryness or irritation. During the winter, staying hydrated enhances your vaping experience and maintains your general health.

Can E-Liquid Freeze?

Propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavourings, and nicotine (optional) are the main ingredients of e-liquids. These elements are essential in establishing the e-liquid's freezing point. Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius); however, e-liquid has a much lower freezing point because it contains PG and VG.

PG and VG share low freezing points. VG, a thick and sweet liquid, freezes at about -2 degrees Celsius (28 degrees Fahrenheit). In contrast, PG, a chemical frequently used as a food additive, freezes at about -59 degrees Celsius (-74 degrees Fahrenheit).

E-liquids with a greater VG content may therefore be more prone to thickening or crystallising in extremely cold temperatures, albeit unlikely to freeze.

It is important to remember that the consistency may alter if an e-liquid is exposed to extremely low temperatures, such as winter or icy climates. Due to VG’s greater freezing point, small crystals may thicken or develop. This change may impact the vaping experience, clogging or lessening vapour output.

But it's important to remember that if the e-liquid is returned to room temperature, it should resume its normal behaviour without suffering long-term harm. Allowing your e-liquid to warm up naturally will restore its original consistency if it has changed due to the cold.

How Cold Affects Your E-Cig Battery

E-cigarettes have gained popularity as an alternative to conventional smoking, but sustaining the peak functioning of these devices requires an understanding of how cold temperatures affect them. To ensure the longevity and operation of your e-cigarette battery, let's explore the potential difficulties that could develop with vape batteries in cold weather and offers helpful advice.

Battery Performance Decrease

E-cigarette batteries can perform much worse in cold temperatures. Low temperatures reduce battery efficiency, which reduces power output and shortens battery life in general. A poorer power supply results from the battery's chemical processes, which produce electricity, being slower in colder temperatures. Indicators include a discernible drop in vapour production and weaker throat strikes. It's critical to be informed of these modifications and modify your vaping practices accordingly.

Battery Power

Cold temperatures have the potential to impact the capacity of e-cigarette batteries negatively. The battery's internal resistance rises in cold conditions, reducing its usable capacity. As a result, the battery can run down quicker than usual and must be recharged more frequently. When vaping in cold weather, it is important to have extra batteries or a portable charger to help alleviate this problem.

Increased Battery Damage Risk

E-cigarette batteries might sustain irreparable harm when exposed to excessively cold conditions. Condensation inside the battery can result from rapid temperature changes, such as going from a cold environment to a warm one. Corrosion brought on by this dampness may harm the internal battery components. Maintaining your e-cigarette and spare batteries in a protected case and avoiding keeping them in extremely cold locations for extended periods is vital to preventing this.

Battery Safety Precautions

Take the following measures to protect your e-cigarette battery from damage in cold weather:

  1. Store batteries at room temperature whenever possible to preserve the stability and performance of batteries.
  2. Keep batteries away from excessive cold or heat sources because these conditions might harm the battery and its parts.
  3. If it has been really cold, let your e-cig battery warm to room temperature before using it. This will guarantee dependable performance and assist in preventing any issues.
  4. Use caution when recharging batteries in cold weather, as this can interfere with the operation and cause problems. It is recommended to charge your batteries in a room with a moderate temperature and to keep an eye on them the entire time.
  5. Regularly check your batteries for any damage indications, such as leaks or cracks. To prevent potential safety risks, replace the battery immediately if you discover any problems.
  6. Use battery cases or protective covers to protect your batteries from unintentional accidents, moisture, and extreme temperatures. This will guard against harm and help keep them intact.

Top Ways to Keep E-cig Batteries in Good Health in Winter

The performance and health of your e-cigarette batteries must be maintained with additional care as winter approaches. Cold weather can have a considerable impact on battery life and general functionality. We have compiled a list of the top suggestions based on professional advice and industry best practices to ensure that your e-cig batteries stay in great condition during the colder months.

Battery Storage: Keep at Room Temperature

Keeping your e-cigarette batteries at room temperature is one of the simplest yet most efficient ways to maintain them in good shape during the winter. Extreme cold can speed up the rate at which batteries lose charge, lowering overall performance. Keep your batteries in a dry, cool location away from heat sources and sunlight when not in use.

Limit your Exposure to Extreme Cold.

In winter, keeping your e-cigarette batteries from overexposing to the cold is important. Extreme cold can permanently harm batteries, shortening their lifespan and degrading performance. To prevent this, avoid keeping your e-cigarette or extra batteries outside or in your car for extended periods. Instead, keep them close to your body or protect them from the cold using insulated storage containers.

Improve Battery Charging Practices

All year, maintaining good charging practices is crucial to maintaining the quality of your e-cigarette batteries, but the colder months make this even more important. Avoid totally discharging your batteries before recharging them since this can damage the cells and shorten their lifespan. Aim to recharge your batteries when they are between 20 and 30% to maintain peak performance.

Utilise Battery Wraps.

Battery coverings offer additional defence against extreme cold and physical harm. These covers protect the batteries from harsh weather by insulating them. Make sure your battery wrappers are in good shape. Replace them immediately if you see symptoms of deterioration.

Avoid Sudden Changes in Temperature

Sudden temperature changes might harm battery performance. Avoid subjecting your e-cigarette batteries to jarring temperature changes to preserve their health. For instance, refrain from transferring batteries from cold to warm environments or vice versa. To avoid any potential harm, let the batteries acclimatise to the new temperature gradually.

Clean and Inspect Batteries Frequently

Your e-cigarette batteries must be regularly inspected and cleaned if you want to ensure their longevity. Examine the battery contacts for any indications of deterioration or damage, and wipe them with a soft cloth if necessary. Maintaining appropriate electrical conductivity for maximum performance is ensured by keeping the battery connections clean.

Clean and Inspect Batteries Frequently

Your e-cigarette batteries must be regularly inspected and cleaned if you want to ensure their longevity. Examine the battery contacts for any indications of deterioration or damage, and wipe them with a soft cloth if necessary. Maintaining appropriate electrical conductivity for maximum performance is ensured by keeping the battery connections clean.

Obey the Manufacturer's Instructions.

Last but not least, always follow the instructions and suggestions provided by the manufacturer for your particular e-cigarette model and batteries. Following the manufacturer's recommendations can help you preserve your batteries in the best possible condition. Each device may have specific requirements and safety considerations.

Does The Cold Weather Affect Disposable Vapes?

Known for their portability and ease of use, disposable vapes comprise a self-contained unit that comes pre-filled with e-liquid, a heating element, and a battery. Compared to disposable vapes and e-cigarettes, these devices may display unique characteristics when exposed to cold weather.

Battery Performance

Both reusable and disposable vape batteries might operate differently in colder conditions. However, Disposable vapes can be more vulnerable to shorter battery life and worsening performance because of their sealed design. The battery may drain more quickly at lower temperatures, shortening the duration of the vaping session overall.

E-Liquid Stability

When exposed to cold weather, the e-liquid in disposable vapes may vary in consistency. The viscosity of the e-liquid may increase when temperatures drop, which could affect how effectively the device vaporises the liquid. When exposed to cold temperatures for an extended period, users may experience slower or weaker vapour production.

Leakage Issues

Disposable vapes, which are convenient for single-use, could leak more readily in chilly climates. The e-liquid may constrict due to the cold, causing a vacuum effect that could draw small amounts of liquid out of the device through the airflow vents. To reduce the chance of leakage, disposable vapes must be stored correctly.

Reusable vapes and e-cigarettes, frequently made up of different parts, can experience similar problems in the cold. Nevertheless, they frequently provide more discretion and adaptability to handle these problems. Users can change settings, recharge particular parts, and more easily address issues with e-liquid viscosity.

What’s Your Favourite Winter Flavour

Winter is all about indulgence and luxury. However, that doesn’t mean that if you want to shake things up and enjoy a tropical mix when there’s snow on the ground outside that you can’t.

Whichever e-liquid flavour you choose, you’ll find something affordable but quality here.

What flavoured liquids are your go-to choices when it comes to winter vaping?

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