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12th Aug 2019

If you are new to vaping don’t worry, A burnt taste is not normal and thankfully can be fairly easily avoided. There are a number of burnt taste causes when vaping. Here are the main ones and instructions on how to avoid burning. First up, we have to impress upon you how nasty the burnt taste when vaping really is. Imagine burnt toast plus that awful smell/taste you get when you burn a pan handle and amplify these. This is not something you want… Read more
Here at Go Smoke-Free, we offer many e-liquid devices, accessories and more, all geared towards making your vaping experience as enjoyable as possible. Today though, we are looking at one product range, particularly our sweet e-liquid selections.If you have a sweet tooth, the chances are you find yourself snacking on so-called “naughty” treats; more often than not, this indulgence makes you feel guilty. Are we right? When you choose a sweet e-liq… Read more
Hands up if you drink coffee. Hands up if you love a cup of coffee. Have you ever been bought a coffee much or chosen one for yourself, purely because it shows your love for coffee? The coffee industry is vast. From your everyday instant to the many coffee shops, it's easy to ensure that you get what you need. Here at GoSmokeFree we can offer you another way to enjoy your favourite beverage, thanks to Coffee and Cream e liquids, producers of some… Read more
Believe it or not, nearly a quarter of smokers still insist that they will not consider vaping as an alternative to vaping purely because they don’t feel that they can trust it. Many of this 25% till believe that vaping is just as bad for you as smoking, or worse, despite numerous public health campaigns, doctor advice, researchers and more.The research shows the results of a study including eight hundred and forty-four smokers and one thousand,… Read more

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