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Vaping is the new e-cigarette

13th Feb 2016

When the Oxford English Dictionary made Vaping its word of the year in 2014, it was only the beginning of the recognition of a new way of life for millions of people.

Did you know that the most searched terms relating to e-cigarettes are in fact “best e-cig” “buy vapes” or “shop vaping”? To which we’d add “eliquid vape” which is how hundreds of new clients find Go Smoke Free every day.

So what’s going on? It’s nothing short of a lifestyle revolution, the like of which we haven’t seen since the introduction of the mobile phone, which, as we all know, created a whole new language. Not convinced? What about “texting” and the more recent “sexting” - words that describe a behaviour that didn’t exist before mobile phones became commonplace. Then there’s the emoji - a thousand forms of smiley face which have been developed specifically for text users and which define emotions and activities without the need for any letters at all. Similarly, the use of e-cigarettes has led to a whole new dialect spoken by vapers (those who ‘smoke’ e-cigs) such as:

• E-juice - which is the liquid converted to vapour in the process of vaping an ecigarette
• Vaporium - the place where e-cigs can be vaped or a place to buy vaping equipment
• Vape break - which has replaced fag break or cigarette break to denote the time taken away from work for a refreshing (in the case of vaping) hit of nicotine.

Vape supplies and e-liquids

The key point here is that the vaper has become a part of society. A new language, new retail premises, different laws and bye-laws, different signs in pubs and clubs and so on all prove that vaping is here to stay. Similarly, the production of e-liquids used for vaping has moved on from the basic three or four flavours offered with the first e-cigarettes on the market, to a sophisticated range of flavours and nicotine levels from cheap e-liquids through to completely new taste experiences like Vampire Vape Black Ice - a menthol/aniseed blend specifically designed to produce a unique vape experience.

Similarly, most vaping suppliers are now blending and offering their own e-liquids, designed to meet the needs of their customers. We do this ourselves, because we know that our e-smokers have quite specific requirements of their e-cigarettes and one of those requirements is to get an intense hit of their chosen flavour without any aftertaste or dilution.

Do you have a favourite vaping word? We’d love to hear from you if you do, but only tell us about the ones we can publish on our blog please!

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