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The 2018 Winter Olympics are in full swing and hitting the media hard. A lesser known yet no less fun event was held recently in Lynchburg, Tennessee which is being referred to by many as the Cloud Chasing Olympics.The evening was held at Dapper Dan’s Vapor Things and was overseen by none other than the Cloud Competition Sports League. The CCSL has been created to produce and adjudicate the rules of competitive vaping. So there you are, vaping is… Read more
If you’re looking for a good reason to give up smoking, premature ageing is a most valid one. Between heavy alcohol consumption and smoking you run the very real risk of looking old before your time on the outside, as well as doing damage inside. Vaping on the hand won’t give you wrinkles, far from it.We’re not the fun police, truly. When it comes to drinking, studies actually show that if you stick with the recommended healthy alcohol… Read more
If your e cigarette is going to have a problem this will usually happen during charging and often because it hasn’t been charged properly or safely. Lithium batteries are used to power all e cigarette devices and despite their small size they pack some wallop in the power output department and need to be taken care of. Everyone has seen the newspaper articles, Facebook posts and new stories about exploding e cigarettes. What is rarely report… Read more
Giving up smoking can be an arduous and, for some, impossible task. The main physical hurdle a smoker must face is nicotine withdrawal. But psychological aspects can also hinder your chances of giving up successfully.Many people miss the actual act of smoking. They are controlled by the customary smoking rituals, for example, lighting up after a meal, last thing at night, or even the hand-to-mouth action of smoking.Many blame the inability to qui… Read more

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