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There are many benefits to vaping, from the fact that it is cheaper than smoking to the obvious benefits for health. Over time vaping has become more widely accepted and adopted widely by many healthcare providers for various reasons. There has been a number of reports in the past about concerns regarding smoking bans and the detrimental effect this might have on patients with mental health issues. It comes as no surprise to us therefore that e… Read more

24th Jun 2019

With the summer holiday here, we wanted to address something we often get asked about: what are the rules about vaping on planes, in airports and for transporting e-cigarettes and e-liquids?Vaping in AirportsIn the UK, the Go Smoke-Free ban, which came into law in 2007, prohibited smoking in public places, including aeroplanes and airports. However, vaping has not been classified similarly (as it is nothing like smoking). Public Health England ha… Read more
Vaping has been around for quite some time now and has become something that is frequently seen. There are still some people who are sceptical about vaping, given its “newness” but as more reports such as the review from Public Health England that was released in 2018 which stated vaping is “at least 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes” attitudes are changing. In order to help this process along we’ve put together this pros and cons… Read more

13th Jan 2019

It is now 2019 and the difference between smoking and vaping has never been clearer, to most people at least. Smoking bad, vaping at least 95% less harmful. More on that statistic later. What people don’t always understand is how smoking is governed and what the vaping rules are and what vaping etiquette should be considered. We’re here to clear that up.Why Are Smoking Rules and Vaping Rules Different            &nbs… Read more

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