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​Smokers Minus Smoking Equals Longer Lives States Study

7th Nov 2017

It is well known that tobacco smoking can, and is in many cases is likely to shorten a person’s life span. The flip side of this is that when a smoker gives up smoking they may be extending their life.

A recent study released by a team of expert researchers from Georgetown L C Cancer Centre has estimated that as many as 6.6m smokers will extend their life if they switch from smoking to vaping. That means, if we’ve done our math right, that if you take the number of smokers and multiple the extension to life…. Well, it works out that there could be approximately 87 million extra years of life (give or take) over ten years to look forward to. That’s one heck of a number and as far as we (and the Georgetown LC Cancer Centre) are concerned, it represents millions of very good reasons to ditch smoking in favour of vaping.

The study does state that in order for there to be the maximum number of extra hours, days and months of life to look forward to, that a serious revamp of public health campaigns and vaping (and smoking) policies needs to occur. Indeed, a proactive move to encourage smokers to become vapers (if quitting smoking seems unlikely) would go a long way towards cutting the numbers of smokers who are still smoking rapidly.

David Levy was the research study’s lead author and his opinion included that the study itself supports the needs for a change in public policy which actively encourages the replacement of tobacco cigarettes for vaping e cigarettes in order to realise the end goal of a significant extension of life.

Basically, policy makers need to take heed of the wealth of research that not only proved definitively that smoking can be a killer, but that vaping is significantly healthier. Indeed, this study alone shows that vaping is considered to be much healthier than tobacco smoking and 99% less likely to cause lung cancer.

This study contains a significantly amount of data, with top researchers from a number of respected universities contributing to the finished report. A dedicated team considered a number of factors regarding potential harm and still concluded that vaping was by far the preferable option.

While this study is another boost for the vaping community and in particular the widespread campaign that hopes to see vaping officially recognised as the healthier alternative to smoking, and as an official cessation device, it is also something else to be debated. There are a great number of sceptics who still consider vaping to be too new and/or a “flash in the pan” and studies like this go a long way towards building a positive, provable picture of vaping while debunking a number of myths that exists about the hobby.

When you take a step back and consider the fact that millions of years of life could be secured by helping smokers to embrace vaping, it’s a wonder that some health bodies are still reticent to put their stamp of approval on e cigarettes. Here’s hoping that the intensive amount of work that has gone into this study will help sway the powers that be towards accepting their recommendations, particularly as they are not the only set of professionals who are repeating the same message.

Time will tell!

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