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If you hadn’t heard, a long-term study has proven that vapers do not suffer from any lung health issues or changes in lung health cause by vaping. There is no evidence that anyone with a lung-related health condition would be any worse-off if they decided to vape. The opposite is known to be true for those who start or continue to smoke tobacco cigarettes.Public Health England are happy to advocate for the use of e cigarettes as a way to help peo… Read more
It is well known that tobacco smoking can, and is in many cases is likely to shorten a person’s life span. The flip side of this is that when a smoker gives up smoking they may be extending their life.A recent study released by a team of expert researchers from Georgetown L C Cancer Centre has estimated that as many as 6.6m smokers will extend their life if they switch from smoking to vaping. That means, if we’ve done our math right, that if you… Read more
Vaping is becoming widely recognised as being a valid cessation device; a tool to help smokers quit their harmful tobacco habit. Thanks to the British Psychological Society (BPS) another loud and well-respected voice has been added to the crowd calling for e cigarettes to be even more widely recognised as a stop smoking aid.The BPS have not only given their stamp of approval as such for electronic cigarettes being used to help people quit smoking… Read more
Survey finds improved health in smokers switching to e cigarettesIn a report published in August 2016, health experts from UK and Austrian universities suggest that a harmless chemical found in vaping e liquid could be helping to fight respiratory infections like colds and flu.Propylene Glycol (PG) is used in commercial e liquid to improve flavour and provide a satisfying ‘throat hit’ for ex-smokers. The anti-bacterial effects of PG vapour were f… Read more

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