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A new trend has materialised in the US with at least three companies offering vitamin vapes. Jumping on the back of reports that vaping is healthier than many assumed (95% less harmful than cigarettes according to Public Health England), this new vape option is something companies hope will take off. Here at Go Smoke Free, we are sceptical.Health Benefits of VitaminsVapourised vitamins are unlikely to actually benefit health in any way. Firs… Read more
Despite vaping working wonders for helping individuals to stop smoking, NHS support should not be being dialed back, and yet it is. We look at what is really happening to local cessation clinics and overall stop smoking support.   A report has shown that the number of prescriptions written for medications that are prescribed to help individuals give up their harmful smoking habit has dropped significantly over the past ten years by up t… Read more
It will come as a surprise to few people that the current government are keen on making cuts. This is not a political blog posts, we simply write about anything that affects the health of the UK and that includes devastating cuts to smoking cessation services, due to funding being withdrawn or severely depleted.Just over 50% of GPs are reporting that government cuts in their area are resulting in weight loss services, addiction support services,… Read more
There are many national days, dates, special events and more which spur people into action. One of these is World Health Day. World Health Day is an opportunity for the world to look at what is going right and what needs further attention. Here at Go Smoke Free we ask you to do two things this World Health Day, something for yourself and something for someone else.According to WHO (the World Health Organisation) over half of the world’s inhabitan… Read more

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