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Despite vaping working wonders for helping individuals to stop smoking, NHS support should not be being dialed back, and yet it is. We look at what is really happening to local cessation clinics and overall stop smoking support.   A report has shown that the number of prescriptions written for medications that are prescribed to help individuals give up their harmful smoking habit has dropped significantly over the past ten years by up t… Read more
It will come as a surprise to few people that the current government are keen on making cuts. This is not a political blog posts, we simply write about anything that affects the health of the UK and that includes devastating cuts to smoking cessation services, due to funding being withdrawn or severely depleted.Just over 50% of GPs are reporting that government cuts in their area are resulting in weight loss services, addiction support services,… Read more
Smokers say many things about giving up smoking, but one of those is that people get anxious about gaining weight when quitting smoking, and we’ll look at why shortly. There is a shining light on this situation, however. Studies show that those who switch to vaping are less likely to struggle with the classic weight gain.Why Give Up?Weight gain concerns aside, many significant reasons exist for quitting smoking or switching to vaping. From a heal… Read more
Next week, Wednesday 14th March, marks the popular National No Smoking Day. The very first No Smoking Day was held back in 1984 and the movement, if you will, has gone from strength to strength. The difference this year? We’re seeing e cigarettes advertised, by the NHS, as a valid cessation device on No Smoking Day materials.National No Smoking Day has been credited with helping a great number of individuals quit smoking over the years. The campa… Read more

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