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​Government Confirms Vaping is Healthier than Tobacco Smoking

25th Sep 2017

The vaping community have known for quite some time that e cigarettes are better for you than tobacco cigarette smoking. Now the news is official as it is being backed by a government health campaign.

Public Health England are the government department responsible for the Go Smoke Free legislation that has seen smoking in a number of public places, including smoking on public transport banned for good.

Every year, in October, Public Health England (PHE) run a public health campaign called Stoptober. The aim of this campaign, which has proven very successful in the past, has been to support individuals to quit smoking. This year, as every year PHE advocate for a range of support options to help people quit smoking, for example using NHS Stop Smoking services, an app and more. This year the list of options includes the use of e cigarettes as a cessation device.

Given that smoking costs the NHS vast amounts of money each year and causes as many as six million deaths worldwide that could have been prevented it is high time that people started looking elsewhere.

WHO, The World Health Organisation has classified a vast number of the chemicals in tobacco cigarettes as being cancer-causing. Did you know that over five thousand chemicals may be found in cigarettes, and over seventy of them are carcinogenic? E cigarettes don’t contain any of these and none of their ingredients are classified this way. That speaks volumes.

The reason that e cigarettes are known to help people quit tobacco smoking is that it provides an alternative, a hand to mouth, take a drag/draw, inhale and exhale action. Studies have shown that even if you take the nicotine away that smokers would still find quitting smoking hard if they didn’t have something to replace the physical and social habit of smoking. Vaping plugs this gap beautifully and in a significantly healthier way.

Those concerned with nicotine may rest assured that while nicotine, which is addictive, may be found in e liquids that it is not harmful and certainly not cancer causing. Indeed, if a smoker moving over to vaping wanted to, they could still enjoy nicotine in their vape and gradually reduce the level of nicotine content as e liquids come in varying nicotine strengths, including nicotine free.

With over three million individuals enjoying vaping in the UK, and more than fifty percent of these having given up smoking altogether it’s safe to say that vaping is most definitely having a positive effect on the number of people smoking and in helping people make the rather difficult break from tobacco smoking that much easier.

Clearly smoking is bad and vaping is good. This much has been proven with a number of scientific research studies and more. What has been a thorn in the side of healthcare professionals who have been advocating for vaping as a viable and healthy alternative to smoking are the perceptions still held by many around vaping. Misinformation in the press and biased reporting has made it difficult to spread the good news about vaping and have it accepted without suspicion however Public Health England have gone a long way to helping break down the stigma and dispel the myths thanks to the inclusion of vaping and e cigarettes into the Stoptober event information.

If you’re taking part in Stoptober this year we hope it goes brilliantly for you and is the start of a healthier, happier you.

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