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Public Health England have become quite the knight in shining armour where vaping is concerned over the past year or so. While the vaping community, researchers, charity groups and more all accept smoking as bad and vaping as much better some of the general public tend to be a little harder to convince sometimes. Public Health England (PHE) have been working to dispel the myths surrounding vaping and encourage more individuals to ditch smoki… Read more
For the first time adult smoking numbers across England have dropped below fifteen percent. These statistics were released by Public Health England (PHE) and ONS (The Office for National Statistics). Right now 6.1 million adults smoke in the UK. This means that since 2014 over a million individuals have chosen to given up harmful tobacco smoking. We are hopeful that the number will keep on dropping and based on records for the past five year… Read more
Greater Manchester Mayor, Andy Burnham, has recognised that his constituency has a higher number of adult smokers than the England average and is making plans to cut smoking rates once and for all.Mayor Burnham’s plans are to cut smoking rates by a least a third over the next three years. This is an ambitious plan however the downward trend of smoking and the positive effect of a series of public health campaigns, not least the Go Smoke Free legi… Read more
On the 1st July 2007 Public Health England implemented the so-called Go Smoke Free legislation. This new law signalled significant changes to existing laws around smoking and introduced a wide-scale public ban on smoking in public places including inside pubs, cafes, on public transport and more. We look at who has benefited from the UK smoking ban.With the introduction of the UK smoking ban two main things occurred. Smoking levels in adults drop… Read more

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