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It is well known that tobacco smoking can, and is in many cases is likely to shorten a person’s life span. The flip side of this is that when a smoker gives up smoking they may be extending their life.A recent study released by a team of expert researchers from Georgetown L C Cancer Centre has estimated that as many as 6.6m smokers will extend their life if they switch from smoking to vaping. That means, if we’ve done our math right, that if you… Read more
A study completed earlier this year, conducted via assessment of an air sample in a non-ventilated vaping shop has shown that the levels of toxic elements in the air from vaping vapour are completely harmless and indeed on par with “ordinary” air found indoors and out.Passive SmokingWhen the Go Smoke Free legislation came into effect on July 1st, 2007, effectively banning cigarette smoking from all indoor public places, including public transport… Read more

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