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Aniseed Liquorice

Grab your starter kit or box mod, find your favourite e cigarette device and make yourself at home here in the aniseed and liquorice e liquid section. Despite what some people may believe, aniseed and liquorice flavours are not guaranteed to blow your socks off. Yes, some of these high VG or even high PG e liquids do have quite the kick, however, it is entirely possible to enjoy the same dark, root-like flavours in a less “in your face” way too. Bold flavours with sweet undertones, both liquorice and aniseed merge beautifully with a number of other flavour types. For example, aniseed and menthol combine to produce a wonderfully tasty e juice while liquorice and seasonal berries, or even sweet flavours work very well together.

All you need to do is decide which of these aniseed and/or liquorice flavoured e liquids you want to try, make sure your e cigarette is charged, cleaned, well maintained (don’t forget to check the coils) and you will be well on your way to a vaping experience quite unlike any other.

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