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​Is Vaping Really Cheaper Than Smoking

4th Sep 2018

First of all, money should not be the main reason that anyone switches over from smoking to vaping. Health should be the main reason. After that though, yes, the cost implications of smoking are considerable. We look at whether vaping is indeed cheaper than smoking or whether this is fake news, as the media like to claim.

The Cost of Smoking

Again, asides from the personal cost to your health, and to those around you, associated with tobacco cigarette 

smoking the monetary cost of smoking is significant. With a packet of twenty tobacco cigarettes not far off ten pounds each, it is clear to see how the costs add up. Using £10 as a benchmark, bearing in mind additional taxes are added each year by the government which pushes the cost higher and higher, we’ll use the example of someone smoking just ten tobacco cigarettes a day.

Ten cigarettes a day for one person (a lower than average amount but a nice even number) means a cost of £155 in a month (31 days). Someone smoking a twenty packet a day would spend approximately £310 a month on tobacco cigarettes. There are small additional costs such as lighters and matches however we haven’t bothered adding these amounts in as they are tiny in comparison to the actual cigarette costs.

The Cost of Vaping

The cost of vaping is variable. It depends on the individual vaper and how often they feel the need to upgrade their device, how many e liquids they wish to buy at once and how often they vape. Generally speaking though, let’s say that a basic starter kit is £25 (some are cheaper, some more advanced and more expensive), and you buy £10 worth of e liquids to get you going. With a starter kit you receive everything you need to get going including a charger. You can buy 5 e liquids for £9.99 right now on the site. The starter kit could last months or more before it needs replacing. The e liquids would last the average vaper a week or more likely two. For the sake of ease, we’ll say that they only last a week. That would mean in the first month of vaping £65 would be spent on a starter kit and e liquids. The second month you would just be buying e liquid.

As time goes on there are consumables to consider, for example replacement coils or batteries, or even a new device. It’s easy to see we think that even including this, vaping is still cheaper than smoking.

In Conclusion

Vaping is cheaper than smoking, if you compare like for like usage. Yes, the start up costs of vaping (£30-£40 for e liquids and a starter kit) are higher than the £10.50-ish cost of a pack of twenty tobacco cigarettes and a pack of matches. The difference being, the twenty pack and matches go up in smoke and are done. The vaping kit lasts significantly longer. You’d have to work really hard to pay out more on vaping per year than a smoker would on cigarettes however it is possible in theory, if you feel the need to buy every e liquid available and have a massive store cupboard, build your own everything and try new tanks, accessories and upgrades every other week. There are numerous ways to save money on your vaping too, including searching our latest special offers section.

Do take a minute to appreciate the other costs associated with smoking that aren’t applicable to vaping. By this we mean the health, environmental and public health service cost.


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