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Reasons Why Smokers Find It Hard To Quit

Reasons Why Smokers Find It Hard To Quit

23rd Sep 2015

There’s no denying that tobacco smoking is a major health concern, not only to those who smoke, but also for those around them, especially children, who are effected by passive smoking. Smoking related diseases are responsible for up to 100,000 deaths a year in the UK. Smoking related diseases also put a terrible burden on NHS resources and funds. 

With the rise in taxes on tobacco products, smoking is also becoming an increasingly more expensive habit to maintain. In 2007 the smoking ban was enforced. Smoking has subsequently been banned from all public indoor locations such as bars, restaurants, airports and offices. Smokers are fast becoming social pariahs. And soon smoking will be illegal in any vehicle where children are present.

Yet with all these negative aspects of smoking to weigh up, why do so many smokers find it almost impossible to quit?

Nicotine Addiction

The main reason that many smokers find it hard to quit is because they are addicted to the nicotine present in cigarettes. Depending on the cigarette strength, the level of nicotine varies from 2mg - 8mg per cigarette.

Lack Of Willpower

Many smokers feel that they are not strong-minded enough to quit. They lack the willpower to resist the temptation of smoking. This is particularly true for smokers who wish to quit but their partner still continues to smoke. Many smokers blame triggers such as a stress, tiredness or anxiety as the main causes that they reach for the cigarette packet.


Smokers tend to associate smoking with other habitual activities such as drinking coffee or alcohol, or consistently reaching for that after-meal cigarette. Smoking has become a habit that they just can’t seem to break. However, associating smoking with other activities will make it much harder to quit.

Smokers who have tried to quit, complain that they miss the hand to mouth action of cigarette smoking, or that they miss holding a cigarette between their fingers. 

Fear Of Gaining Weight

The fear of piling on the pounds by comforting eating is another major reason why many smokers are reluctant to quit. They believe that cigarettes act as an appetite suppressant that can stave off hunger pangs and that boredom and frustration in dealing with their cigarette cravings have them reaching for calorie-rich alternatives such as sugar-laden foods.

They Just Don’t Want To

Finally, there are smokers who actually enjoy the experience of smoking too much to want to give up. They can’t imagine life without a cigarette and are reluctant to try non-smoking alternatives because they would miss the taste and ‘hit’ of smoking too much. If you are one of the many smokers who is finding it impossible to quit smoking and would like to try a non-smoking alternative to tobacco cigarettes, then consider trying an e cigarette.

E cigarettes are available in a wide range of flavours, including tobacco flavoured eliquids with a genuine tobacco taste. E liquids are available with different levels of nicotine so that you can adjust the levels yourself and cut down gradually without suffering from severe nicotine withdrawal.

E cigarettes produce a non-toxic vapour that simulates tobacco cigarettes, but without containing harmful, carcinogenic chemicals. They do not produce smoke or tar and will not effect others around you through passive smoking. You can continue to enjoy your smoking experience without the health risks of tobacco smoking. If you have a sweet tooth then try one of the many sweeter flavoured e liquids for a full flavoured, satisfying vaping experience.

Whether you want to cut down or quit completely, an e cigarette is an effective alternative to tobacco smoking. GoSmokeFree offer a wide range of e cigarette products including starter kits and over 400 flavoured e liquids available in various nicotine levels to suit your requirements. For more information, visit our website today.

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