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With the success of Stoptober, the NHS is committed to help people quit smoking for good. Smoking related diseases are preventable. The immediate benefits of quitting are extraordinary. Within 72 hours your body will be nicotine-free. The harmful chemicals in smoke will have already passed through your urine. From 2 weeks your risk of a heart attack will have dropped and your lung function will have improved. From 5 to 15 year… Read more
There is nothing more disheartening than managing to give up smoking, only to find yourself back on the cigarettes, six months down the line. For this reason, many smokers are reluctant to even try giving up smoking. It is true that many smokers have tried to quit unsuccessfully, or worse, given up then gone back to smoking again.If you have had a smoking relapse, the first golden rule is: Don’t Despair! You’ve successfully ma… Read more
Since they were introduced in 2004, e cigarettes have become hugely popular. Love them or hate them, they are here to stay. So what exactly are e cigarettes?An e cigarette simulates the function of traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, instead of producing dangerous carcinogenic chemicals found in smoke and tar, e cigarettes produce a harmless vapour which, when heated, delivers a dose of nicotine which is absorbed by your… Read more

8th Oct 2015

If you’ve decided to quit smoking then you already know the challenge ahead is going to be tough. But you’ve already surpassed the first hurdle. Deciding to quit is the most important step to giving up smoking for good. Here is a guide to the steps you can take in the challenge to become a non- smoker.Choose A DateChoose a date, mark it on your calendar and stick to it. Don’t try quitting before the assigned date. When the day… Read more

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