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Statistics Of People Who Have Quit Smoking And Now Use E Cigarettes

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With the success of Stoptober, the NHS is committed to help people quit smoking for good. Smoking related diseases are preventable. The immediate benefits of quitting are extraordinary. 

Within 72 hours your body will be nicotine-free. The harmful chemicals in smoke will have already passed through your urine.

  • From 2 weeks your risk of a heart attack will have dropped and your lung function will have improved.
  • From 5 to 15 years your risk of having a stroke will be the same as that of a non-smoker. 
  • Smoking related diseases drain the National Health Service of precious funds and resources. However, statistics released by HSCIC show that there is a steadying increase in the amount of people who are successfully managing to quit for good. Here is a brief outline of the results. For a full report visit

    April - December 2014

    According to the NHS stop smoking services,

  • 312,975 people set a quit date through the NHS campaigns.
  • 50% reported to have successfully quit.
  • Success increased with age. 41% under the age of 18 set a quit date, while 56% were aged 60 and over.
  • Pregnant Women

    In 2014, 12% of pregnant women smoked. This is slightly lower than 2013 when 12.7% pregnant women smoked. The HSCIC reports that there is a slow, but steady decline in the number of women who continue to smoke during pregnancy. 

    In 2014, with the help of the NHS stop smoking services, 47% of pregnant smokers managed to quit successfully.

    Geographical Location

    The South East, Yorkshire and Humberside reported the highest proportion of successful quitters, resulting in 55% for each region. The lowest proportion (43%) was recorded in the North East and the North West of England.

    Support Services

    One-to-one support was reported as the most widely used method to quit (49%). Telephone support however, was utilised by less people but had a higher success rate (59%). 

    A general practice was the most common setting for smokers trying to quit (47%). But the workplace setting had the highest success rate (61%).

    E Cigarettes

    ASH has estimated that in 2014 approximately 2.1million adults used e cigarettes as a non- smoking alternative. 700,000 of them have quit smoking altogether. 1.3million alternate between tobacco and e cigarettes. In the UK e cigarette usage has risen from 2.7% in 2010 to 17.6% in 2014. 

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