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With the success of Stoptober, the NHS is committed to help people quit smoking for good. Smoking related diseases are preventable. The immediate benefits of quitting are extraordinary. Within 72 hours your body will be nicotine-free. The harmful chemicals in smoke will have already passed through your urine. From 2 weeks your risk of a heart attack will have dropped and your lung function will have improved. From 5 to 15 year… Read more

8th Oct 2015

There are so many reasons to quit smoking that this blog post could easily become an essay or an ebook. To sum it up, smoking kills. WHO has classified many of the ingredients found within tobacco cigarettes as toxic and likely carcinogenic, meaning that they can potentially cause cancer.It is not only the health of the individual that smokes that is at risk. Public Health England ran with the Go Smoke-Free ban in 2007 based on overwhelming evide… Read more
Giving up smoking is a mammoth task. Many people have the incentive but lack the willpower to quit smoking, whether for health or financial reasons. In the UK, the smoking ban has turned smokers into social pariahs. The confirmation that passive smoking (in traditional cigarettes not e cigarettes) harms non-smokers, especially babies and children.But giving up smoking can be a lonely and stressful process. Yet up to 10 million British adults stil… Read more

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