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Get Your E Cigarette Kits For Stoptober - 28 Day Challenge

Get Your E Cigarette Kits For Stoptober - 28 Day Challenge

8th Sep 2015

Trying to give up smoking is a mammoth task. Whether for health, financial or social reasons, many people have the incentive but lack the willpower to kick the habit. In the UK, the smoking ban has turned smokers into social pariahs. Even more so with the confirmation that passive smoking inflicts harm on non-smokers, especially babies and children.

But giving up smoking can be a lonely and stressful process. Yet up to 10 million British adults still smoke; that’s 20% of the UK population. Up to 100,000 preventable deaths occur every year in the UK due to smoking related diseases. Yet studies claim that if you can manage to give up smoking for a 28 day period, you are five times more likely to quit smoking for good. For this reason the NHS has launched a campaign to help people stop smoking throughout the month of October. Created and funded by Public Health England, Stoptober is backed by Cancer Research UK and The British Heart Foundation. 

What Is Stoptober?

Stoptober is a 28 day challenge aimed at smokers. Its aim is to offer free support, guidance and tools to smokers during the month of October. The philosophy behind the campaign is that with help and encouragement, if you can manage to stay smoke-free during the 28 day challenge, you have a far greater chance of giving up smoking for good. 

You can register online at or you can receive information from your local pharmacy. You will be able to download specific apps to monitor your progress and receive valuable advice. The campaign also offers free text support and access to social media support groups. You are more likely to give up smoking with the help and encouragement of others, rather than face the challenge alone.

Will It Work?

The only way to find out is to give it a try. The statistics speak for themselves. 250,000 people participated in the Stoptober challenge in 2014 and the number of smokers in England is at an all time low, with rates dropping to 18.4 % in the last three years. Stoptober is the ideal time to try alternative quit smoking aids. GoSmokeFree can help you with the challenge. We are wholesale suppliers of e cigarette kits, e liquids, vape tanks and other electronic cigarette accessories available at affordable prices. 

E cigarettes do not produce carcinogenic smoke, tar or carbon monoxide. e cigarette kits provide you with a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes, so you can enjoy the smoking experience without the harmful side effects.

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