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​Is Vaping Safe?

13th Dec 2018

Vaping has been around a fair time now which means that organisations such as Public Health England have been able to collate and analyse statistical data and scientific/medical reports in order to make a decision one way or another about the question “Is vaping safe?”. We look at myths about vaping safety, what the officials say and more so that you may make an informed decision yourself.

The Vaping Myths

If you read newspapers or follow certain media channels online you will know that vaping has been responsible for everything bad from popcorn lung to Brexit. These kinds of reports sell papers and get clicks online. We look at these issues (not Brexit, we were joking) so you can see what the truth behind these bold claims are.

Will Vaping Cause Me To Get Popcorn Lung

The so-called popcorn lung condition is a serious condition that some factory workers or manufacturing staff have developed as a result of working for long periods of time with diacetyl. Diacetyl is a chemical used to produce a buttery taste in numerous food products. Some concerns were raised about diacetyl use in e liquids which understandably worried vapers who were left wondering “Is vaping safe?”. Extensive studies and tests were undertaken when concluded that the minute amount of diacetyl in these e liquids would not cause popcorn long. The condition is something caused by high levels of exposure to a large volume of diacetyl over a long period of time. So, despite what media might say, this story is a non-starter. To reassure vapers and be 100% safe diacetyl was removed from the relatively small number of e liquids that contained it.

Will My E Cigarette Explode

Hopefully not! E cigarettes do not randomly and spontaneously burst into flame. What the media reports advertising these rare occurrences do not state is that more often than not they are caused by something that could have been avoided, for example:

  • Damaged lithium batteries (similar to those that power mobile phones)
  • E cigarettes that have been altered (modifying an e cigarette can be a tricky business and is not advised). If you are looking for a specific type of device, build one up rather than changing an existing one).

At the end of the day, if you take proper precautions, as you would with any battery-powered device, there's no reason to be concerned about exploding e cigarettes! There are many e cigarette and vaping myths that need to be dispelled. 


Are E Liquids Toxic

E liquids include few ingredients. You have a propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin base (numerous rations from high VG e liquid to ones with more PG), water, nicotine and flavourings. No nasties here unlike with tobacco cigarettes which include many ingredients that the World Health Organisation has branded as being both toxic and as having the potential to cause cancer. It is, however, not a good idea to ingest e liquid. The flavours only come out when heated up as vapour, and ingesting nicotine can be dangerous. For this reason e liquids should be kept sealed and away from children and pets.

So, Is Vaping Safe

According to Public Health England who not only say that vaping is at least 95% healthier than smoking and who are 

actively pushing for e cigarettes to be available on NHS prescription to help more people quit smoking, we’d say that the official word is yes. Of course, there is an element of risk with everything, using the kettle (you may get burned), driving, walking up and down stairs and more. Vaping is safe as long as you use your e cigarette as per manufacturer instructions, choose quality e liquids from a reputable supplier (and not a batch that fell off a van which might contain anything), take care of your batteries and don’t drink e liquid.

Common sense is the aim of the game and seeing as vaping is for adults aged over 18 years old only, we’d like to think that anyone enjoying this hobby would be able to show that the answer to “Is vaping safe” is “YES!”. 

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