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Can Vaping Help with Anxiety?

Can Vaping Help with Anxiety?

3rd Apr 2023

In this new generation, mental health, specifically anxiety, has increased, so people are looking for alternative ways to reduce their stress and anxiety. One of those alternatives is vaping or e-cigarettes.

But how effective is vaping when it comes to reducing anxiety? Read this article to learn more!

Firstly - What is Anxiety?

Before we understand the benefits of vaping on anxiety, we must first understand what anxiety is.

Your body’s normal reaction to stress is anxiety. It’s a sensation of dread and unease brought on by worry or tension. Everybody experiences anxiety at some time in their lives, whether those feelings are moderate or severe, and every person handles their anxiety differently.

People with anxiety disorders frequently worry and dread excessively and continuously in normal circumstances. These disorders are characterised by recurrent episodes of anxiousness that quickly escalates in intensity and lead to panic attacks.

Anxiety disorders can be chronic, are challenging to manage, and are disproportional to the real threat. It may start around childhood or teenage years and continue into adulthood, and some individuals find that they may need to avoid specific locations or circumstances to prevent these attacks.

Separation anxiety, particular phobias, social phobia, and generalised anxiety are among the various types of anxiety. Having more than one anxiety disorder is possible, and sometimes, additional medical problems must be treated to regale the anxiety it causes.

How Does Vaping Work?

So now we have learnt precisely what anxiety is and how it affects the body. Before understanding how one can help the other, let’s break down how vaping works.

Most vaping devices comprise a heating element, a battery, and an e-liquid-filled cylinder or vape tank. Numerous components, including propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavourings, and nicotine, are present in the e-liquid, and not all e-liquids contain nicotine.

The battery powers the heating device, which vaporises the e-liquid when the user inhales. The vapour comes out as a visible vapour after the person inhales it.

Vaping has become popular among people who are attempting to give up smoking because the sensation of inhaling and exhaling the vapour is similar to that of smoking.

How Vaping Can Help Anxiety

Let’s examine how vaping and e-cigarettes can reduce anxiety and benefit you short-term or long-term.

The Aroma and Flavours

In comparison to cigarette smoke, the flavours found in vapes are superior. These vaping liquids have no stimulants, so they won’t make you anxious. Vaping a liquid, therefore, doesn’t increase your suffering. You only inhale toxins and chemicals when you choose to smoke cigarettes over vaping.

According to research, vaping creates significantly fewer toxins than smoking cigarettes. Therefore, when you vape, you are ridding your body of toxins and lowering your anxiety and tension.

Affordable Anxiety Reduction

Vaping is one of the least expensive and most practical methods to reduce stress and anxiety. You don’t have to spend much money to get a vaping device.

You must purchase a battery and liquids to keep or properly care for your device. However, you can save money using a rechargeable gadget. Therefore, you might want to consider vaping if you’re attempting to save money and not spend too much on alternative methods to relax and reduce your anxiety levels.

Calming and Relaxation

Vaping devices help in releasing psychological tension. So if you’re experiencing anxiety or stress, all the information in your brain will flow slower while you vape, and you’ll feel calmer.

When you inhale smoke, your body will produce chemicals that cause your brain to slow down and pause. If you struggle with a mental illness like anxiety or depression, this technique is essential.

Easy to Use

One of the most straightforward but compelling reasons to use vaping to reduce anxiety is its ease of use. Anyone can operate a vaping device and can do it quickly and discreetly, so whenever or wherever you are in the world, if you are feeling anxious, you can reduce those feelings with a simple vape.

Can Nicotine Make You Anxious?

The primary addictive substance in tobacco is nicotine. Uncertainties remain regarding the reasons for anxiety brought on by nicotine, but according to current ideas, cigarettes’ chemical composition, including carbon monoxide, is to blame.

Shortness of breath, a symptom of lung disease caused by cigarette chemicals, can cause worry. Nicotine is a stimulant that elevates blood pressure and heart rate. Airway resistance, other breathing issues, and sleep issues are all brought on by tobacco smoke. Shortness of breath and lack of sleep can both contribute to feelings of anxiety.

So there is a possibility that using a vape that has nicotine within it may cause anxiety. Still, the difference with a vape is you can control how much nicotine you are intaking, so if you are an anxiety sufferer, you can decrease the amount of nicotine you are consuming, so you can gain the full benefits from vaping.

How to Safely Vape

It’s crucial to vape safely or responsibly to enjoy all the advantages of doing so for anxiety. Because if you don’t, you might harm yourself in the future. The following are some recommendations for vaping safely.

Never customise your liquids.

When purchasing liquids from a reliable supplier or manufacturer, you can be positive that their formulations have been put through several checks to ensure complete safety. In light of this, altering your liquids by introducing additional components or substances is not advised.

Remember that modifying can lead to unintended chemical reactions with harmful side effects if you are not entirely positive about your actions.

Avoid setting the Mod's temperature too high.

The temperature can be changed on some vaping devices, including box mods. However, we strongly advise against setting it too high as you’ll experience a dry inhale, and the flavour becomes unpleasant.

Additionally, if you use the maximum temperature, it might result in various chemical reactions. This will then cause excessive pollutants that are harmful to your health rather than beneficial.


While vaping offers quick relief from stress and anxiety, carefully considering the potential benefits and risks is essential.

If you are looking for a vaping device to help with your anxiety, browse our selection of vapes available today.

Be Aware

Vaping for anxiety and stress relief can have potential risks, including nicotine addiction and undetermined long-term effects.

It's important to remember that there are various other ways to treat your mental health besides smoking. Effective methods for controlling anxiety and tension include meditation, physical activity, medication, therapy, and modifications to your lifestyle.

Also, getting guidance from a mental health professional to assist you in creating a specialised treatment plan that is effective for you can help you loads if you're experiencing stress and anxiety.

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