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E cigarettes for Valentine’s Day

3rd Feb 2016

Does using an e-cigarette make you more kissable? Valentines Day is just around the corner … and for those who’ve taken up vaping rather than smoking traditional cigarettes, it’s likely to be a much more kissy affair than before!

One of the key benefits of e-cigarette use isn’t for the individual vaper, it’s for those who have to be around them. A 2008 survey revealed that:

1. 83% of smokers want to stop because of health concerns
2. 31% said that smoking was too expensive
3. 28% said the smell and complaints from family about bad breath and smoky clothes were getting them down.

So over a quarter of cigarette smokers are being nagged about their horrible bad breath and stinky clothing … what happens when they move to e-cigarettes?

E-liquids and fresh breath confidence

The range of e-liquid flavours has really changed the way people see vaping - not only can you have your nicotine in a favourite flavour from toffee to brandy, but you can vary your e-liquid choice depending on circumstances … so on a hearts and flowers day like Valentines, many gosmokefree customers will be choosing a smoochy e liquid to delight their partner, such as Ice Breeze Menthol, or strawberry which will be very kissable.

It’s a fact that vaping has a real impact on our attractiveness to others - we don’t smell of stale smoke, or breath doesn’t stink and our clothes aren’t full of the stench of old tobacco smoke. Also, we don't have to keep walking out in the middle of conversations or twitching and fidgeting half way through trips to the cinema because we’re desperate for a fag. So our dates get our full attention and there’s nothing sexier than knowing somebody is completely focused on you, not on when they’re going to be able to run out and have a quick smoke.

Buying e liquid as a gift

Lots of people like to buy e-liquids as a present, and there’s no better time to do this than Valentine’s Day as it can be a sexy and sentimental treat. If you’re looking to buy a Valentine’s Day present for somebody you love, then we’d recommend buying a multipack of five flavours because at least one, and probably more of those flavours, will delight your partner.

But how to choose the right flavours? There’s such bewildering range of flavours and taste sensations that it can be difficult to pick the right ones to give as a present. For a Valentine’s gift we’d recommend picking some traditional taste-friendly flavours and the best way to do that is to think about the flavours that are used for lip balms like cherry, mint, vanilla and strawberry as these are already familiar and give people that lovely sweet breath that makes us want to kiss them!

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