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Here at we like to keep a close eye on trends in the vaping community. With the swirling cloud of vapour just starting to clear in our crystal ball, we take a peek into the future to bring you the e-liquid flavour trends for 2016.We know that thousands of new vapers have already joined our happy band of flavour chasers. New Year is a great time to switch from traditional cigarettes. It’s clear that a switch to e-cigs was top of… Read more
Does using an e-cigarette make you more kissable? Valentines Day is just around the corner … and for those who’ve taken up vaping rather than smoking traditional cigarettes, it’s likely to be a much more kissy affair than before!One of the key benefits of e-cigarette use isn’t for the individual vaper, it’s for those who have to be around them. A 2008 survey revealed that: 1. 83% of smokers want to stop because of health concerns2. 31% said t… Read more
Every year in the UK between 80,000 to 100,000 deaths are caused by smoking related diseases. That is a significant amount of deaths that could be avoided, saving lives and reducing the burden on the NHS.Why Are Tobacco Cigarettes Bad For You?There are approximately 4,000 chemical compounds in cigarette smoke. The majority of these are toxic and some are carcinogenic. The main components in a cigarette are nicotine, carbon monoxide… Read more
If you are a smoker, the decision to quit smoking is one of the hardest challenges you will have to face. If you have enough determination and an iron-clad will then you can try going cold turkey and giving up totally. But for many smokers this is an impossible task. The problem that many smokers face are the unappetising options to help quit smoking. From unsavoury tasting gums and lozenges, inhalers, and patches that can… Read more

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