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E-liquid flavour trends for 2016

10th Mar 2016

Here at we like to keep a close eye on trends in the vaping community. With the swirling cloud of vapour just starting to clear in our crystal ball, we take a peek into the future to bring you the e-liquid flavour trends for 2016.

We know that thousands of new vapers have already joined our happy band of flavour chasers. New Year is a great time to switch from traditional cigarettes. It’s clear that a switch to e-cigs was top of the New Year resolution list for a lot of UK smokers.

While most rookie vapers stick to tobacco flavoured e-liquids when they first start out – they soon begin to experiment with more exotic e-juice as the year goes on. Before we look at some of the flavour trends for 2016, here’s a prediction about safer vaping in the year ahead.

E-liquid safety will be as important as flavour in 2016

Vaping has now become much more respectable and accepted. Many e-liquid manufacturers have recognised that their products now need to appeal to more mature and savvy buyers. Most of the harmful chemicals that were used in early e-juice production have now been eradicated by responsible manufacturers. At we only stock e-liquids which are free from harmful additives.

To promote safe vaping, our ‘Trends for 2016’ list excludes any e-liquid that contains one or more of these harmful compounds:

• Diacetyl
• Acetyl Propionyl
• Ethylene Glycol
• Diethylene Glycol

With the ground rules clearly set, let’s fire-up the crystal ball and see what’s in store for 2016!

Tobacco flavoured e-liquid will continue to be a top seller in 2016

We hardly needed the crystal ball to come up with this prediction! Many tobacco smokers switching to e-cigs prefer the familiar comfort of a smoky e-liquid flavour. Especially if it’s combined with a stimulating throat hit.

In 2015, Public Health England announced that vaping e-cigarettes was estimated to be “about 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes”. As long as smokers continue to switch to the safer vaping option, it’s likely that tobacco flavoured e-liquid will continue to be a stepping stone to the more exotic e-juice flavours.

For a classically smooth, tobacco flavoured e-liquid, try this Hangsen Golden VI.

2016 will produce a bumper crop of single fruit flavoured e-juice

E-juice manufacturers sometimes go way over the top when they formulate their flavours. Products like ‘Gwar Bloodbath’ and ‘Frankenvape’ may have novelty value, but are they going to make it onto our list?

No chance!

We predict that savvy e-juice buyers are going to be on the lookout for the best quality, single-fruit juices at knock-down prices. Surprisingly, cheap e-liquid can still come out on top when it comes to flavour and quality. To prove our point, check out the amazingly low price on our ‘own brand’ GSF Pineapple E Liquid.

Chocolate and coffee e-liquids will be irresistible this year

You know those days when everything just seems to go wrong? Sometimes, a soothing vape with a rich, chocolate flavoured e-liquid can transport you to a better place.

Scientists have known for some time that chocolate contains special ‘feel-good’ chemicals like Anandamide. While chocolate flavoured e-liquid doesn’t contain any stimulating chemicals, the familiar taste of rich, creamy chocolate still has the feel-good effect.

Coffee flavoured e-liquids are equally good for helping us to get though a bad day at the office.

Both flavours are combined in this incredible, Hangsen Caramel Mocha E Liquid. Try it as a chocolate and coffee pick-me-up after a tough day at work.

More UK based e-liquid manufacturers will appear in 2016

Chinese and US e-liquid manufacturers have dominated the UK e-liquid market for almost a decade. Lately that’s all started to change, with rising stars starting to twinkle right here at home.

We’ve been really impressed by the quality and flavours of e-liquids from new British outfits like ‘Oh My God (OMG)’. There’s no mistaking the Britishness of these guys, with a patriotic bulldog and Union Jack displayed proudly in their branding. OMG are creating their own niche by offering superbly flavoured e-juice at an amazingly low price.

To find out why we’re raving about them you need to sample their flavoursome juice. Take a look at the e-liquid flavours on offer in our low price, Oh My God (OMG) Variety Pack.

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