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You wouldn’t think that chocolate, let alone chocolate e liquids would need much introduction however there’s more to chocolate than you might think. Dating back to at least the Aztec ages, chocolate comes from cacao seeds and offers a sweet, smooth and flavoursome taste that offers a unique pleasure to all, whether they are eating it or vaping it. Typically, bar chocolate flavours such as milk, dark and white chocolate are commonly seen in e liquids, both by themselves and mixed with everything from fruit to nuts to chilli!

Already a winner in the flavour department, you can customise your vaping experience in so many ways from choosing different vape coils and sub ohm vaping kits to opting for a high PG e liquid with your favourite chocolate flavoured e liquid. Those looking for big vape clouds infused with chocolate flavour though should definitely consider high VG e liquids.

So, which one will you try first? Your e cigarette is waiting for its chocolate fix!

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